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The truck segment in India witnessed a 6.51% decrease of sales in April-May 2013 as against April-May 2012. The major disappointment is the moderate decline of light commercial vehicle segment. First time in over a decade the LCV sales went down by 2.38%.

A total of 94,486 trucks are sold during the fiscal year 2013 so far as against 101,431 units sold in the same period of last year. The heavy commercial vehicle segment keep stuttering as sales came down by 14.69% in comparison with April-May 2012.

M&HCV Segment

Ashok Leyland also saw a decline in sales by 23.74%, 5837 units were sold in this fiscal year-to-date as against 7654 units during the same period last fiscal. Volvo is the only player who end the month on a positive note.

Setting aside the constant stumble, Tata remains at the top of the charts in Indian M&HCV segment after gaining a few points from 56% in April-May 2012 to 60% in the April-May 2013. Ashok Leyland’s market share has come down to 20% from 22%.

M&HCV Big Downfalls April-May 2013


Of the major manufacturer’s in the segment , evidently Mahindra and Mahindra is in a bit of slurp as they saw their sales sank by 34.38% in April-May 2013 as against April-May 2013. But the worst hit manufacturer is SML Isuzu as their sales deteriorated by 41.28% in 2013, as on year-to-year comparison with April-May periods of 2012. Ashok Leyland at 23.74% decline also make it to the top three downfalls.


The LCV segment is faced with a decline in sales during the April-May period of 2013 as against the same period of 2012. The disappointing figures come as a big surprise for the constantly growing segment which used to make up huge numbers to the cumulative sales figure of the truck segment.

A total of 65,787 LCVs were sold in April-May period of financial year 2013, as against 67,390 units sold in the same period of 2012. Market leader Tata Motors sales in this segment declined by 9.28%. M&M and Eicher posts positive growths along the period by 13.37% and 14.09% respectively. Mahindra Navistar is struggling in this segment.

M&M had better their market share and stays at second place with 37.07% market share which was 31.92% during 2012 in year to year comparison. Tata Motors share came down to 52.62% from 56.62%.

Eicher is the best performer in this segment after posting a 14.09% growth, while Mahindra is at second place with 13.37%. Piaggio whom registered a 10.04 % growth joins them at third place.


Mahindra Navistar tops the list of downfalls this term with a 63.73% negative growth. Hindustan Motors is placed at second place with a 26.32% de-growth and struggling Force Motors poised at third with a 21.55% decrease in sales.

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  1. How you missed Bharat Benz (Daimler)? Can you please add in the comparison.

    • Dear Mr.Virendra,

      Data of BharatBenz, MAN, Scania and Kamaz are part of paid Research Reports.

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  4. Hi Arun,
    The report on CV sales is really good. Thanks for the effort.
    In my opinion, the analysis should include tipper and multi axle segment of CVs also. Further, out of cv a bifurcation on Bus and cargo would have useful info into it.
    Anyway, good info.
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  5. Hi Arun,
    Great data, spl thanks for the figer of rigid vs tractors,
    I feel launching 37t GVW 10×4 rigid truck by Tata & AL made an impact on the 40t GVW tractor trailer sales?

  6. I am auto enthusiast & am also in to marketing of const. equipment’s. In the last 2 yrs there has been a steady down fall in the industrial as well as vehicle segments. what could be your prediction of HCV’s demand for year 13-14 & for next 2 years [percentage wise OR in volumes]
    Every year new mfgs. are entering India with new technologies & pricing strategy. The market seems to be lethargic due to too many players & this has affected the DEMAND & SUPPLY GAP.
    Also as rightfully pointed out by Mr. Mishra from Magma the politics of the country also affects market which cannot be predicted.

    As pointed out by you Volvo ended the month on a positive note. Could you be able to stress on that

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