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The overall sales of three wheelers for the month of August 2013 stood at 42,527 units; registered 6.3% decline in comparison with August 2012 where 45,386 units were sold.

The sales of passenger three wheelers declined by 5.9% at 35,340 units in August 2013 against 37,553 units in August 2012. Total sales in goods segment stood at 7,187 units for August 2013 against 7,833 units registering 8.3% drop.

OEM-Wise Breakup

Among the manufacturers, Bajaj Auto saw their sales decline by 6.6% in August 2013 with 17,039 u nits sold against 18,251 units sold in August 2012. Piaggio sales are down by 6.8% while Mahindra witness their sales decline by 14.2%. Atul Auto is the only manufacturer to end the month with a positive sales figures with 3204 units sold, a 38% increase against 2322 units in August 2012.

Market leaders Bajaj Auto keep their share stable for August 2013 against August 2012 and same can be said for Piaggio. Mahindra lost one point in August 2013 and saw their share at 12.1% which was 13.2% during August 2012. Atul Auto gained 2 points and posted with 7.5% market share in August 2013 against August 2012 where they had 5.1% market share.

Passenger Segment – Sales Overview

Bajaj saw their sales decline by 5% in passenger three wheeler segments for August 2013 at 17,039 units against 17,940 units sold during August 2012. Thelead this segment with 48.2% market share for August 2013.

Second biggest passenger manufacturer Piaggio sales are down by 7.3% during August 2013 at 11,201 units against 12,077 units in August 2012. Their market share is 31.7% for August 2013. Around 80% of the market is dominated by Bajaj and Piaggio as on August 2013.

Atul Auto posted 45.5% growth in this segment with 2016 units in August 2013 against 1386 units in August 2012.Their market share came up to 5.7% share for August 2013 which was 3.7% during August 2012.

Goods Segment –  Sales Overview

The three wheeler goods segment saw Piaggio sales decline by 5.6% at 3,955 units in August 2013 against 4191 units in August 2012. They also gained points in market share and take it to 55% for August 2013 against 53.5% in August 2012.

Mahindra sales in the segment is down by 8.5% at 1538 units against 1680 units during August 2012.

Atul Auto posted 26.9 % growth in the three wheeler goods segment and witnessed their market share at 16.5% for August 2013 which was 11.9% in August 2012.

Source – ACG, SIAM

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