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The Indian automobile industry produced a total of 1,691,553 vehicles in August 2013 as against 1,563,646 in August 2012, registering a growth of 8.2% percent over the same month last year.

Notably there has been a considerable reduction of 19.6% in production of Commercial Vehicles. The production of passenger vehicles had increased by 14.7% whereas two wheeler production is up by 9.3%.

The total sales including domestic sales and exports stood at 1,701,379 units in August 2013 against 1,585,814 units in August 2012, registering 7.3% growth. 

Domestic Sales

The overall domestic sales for the month of August registered 4.3% increase at 1,412,512 units sold against 1,354,436 units sold during August 2012.

Two Wheeler segment registered growth of 6.7 for August 2013 at 1,128,598 units against 1,057,925 units sold during August 2012. The sales of Passenger Vehicles grew 3.1% percent in August 2013 by selling 190,053 units against August 2012 where 184,358 units were sold. The domestic sales of commercial vehicles stood at 51,334 units in August 2013 against 66,767 units in August 2012. Three Wheelers sales had also declined by 6.3% in August 2013 at 42,527 units over 45,386 units in August 2012.

Domestic Sales – Segment Share 

The domestic sales contribution of tow wheelers had increased from 78% during August 2012 to 80% in August 2013. While passenger vehicle share stood at 13%, 1 point down from what they had in August 2012. Commercial vehicle segment share is 4% in August 2013, 1 point decrease from August 2012.


The overall automobile exports from India in August 2013 grew by 24.8%; a total of 288,867 vehicles were exported during the month against 231,378 units in August 2013.

The winner of the month is passenger vehicle segment who registered 62.6% growth in exports at 59,903 units against 36,848 units exported during August 2012. Two wheeler exports had also increased at 22.7% with 197,645 units exported against 161,061 units in August 2012. A total of 24,614 three wheelers were exported during August 2013 against 26,710 units exported during August 2012.

Exports – Segment Share

With considerable increase in passenger vehicle exports, the segment had now better their export’s contribution and holds 21% share in August 2013 which was 16% during August 2012. Two wheeler’s contribution stood at 68% in August 2013, reduced from 70% in August 2012. Three wheeler share had also came down to 9% in August 2013 from 12% in August 2012.

Source – SIAM, ACG

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