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In Passenger Three Wheeler segment, during April to May 55,936 units were sold as against 55,119 units in April-May 2012, thus recording an increase of 1.48%.

Bajaj Auto sold the most number of vehicles during the period which counts at 29,395 units against 27,247 units in the same period last year thus registering a growth of 7.88%. Piaggio also charted a delicate growth of 1.02%. Atul Auto is the most improved brand in April-May period of 2013, as they bagged a 10.27% growth against April-May 2012. Mahindra sales in this segment decreased by 10.19, while the worst hit brand has been TVS where they witnessed their sales went down by a massive 39.29%.

Bajaj Auto is the market leader in three wheeler segment and they hold a market share of 41.88% in April-May 2013 as against the same period 2012 where it was 39.39%. Piaggio at second place has 35.41% of the market share.

Passenger Segment

In Passenger Three Wheeler segment, during April to May 55,936 units were sold as against 55,119 units in April-May 2012, thus recording an increase of 1.48%. Bajaj auto posted 11.05% growth while Atul Auto registered a remarkable 20.91% increase in sales in the April-May of 2013. M&M sales went down by 20.76% while TVS saw a steep decline in sales by 39.29%.

Market leaders Bajai Auto improved their share in passenger segment to 52.46% in 2013 from 47.94% in 2012 for the April to May period. Poor performances by TVS saw their shares being diminished to 2.41% from 4.02%.

Goods Segment

The good segment had sold 14,253 units in April-May period of 2013 marking a 1.44% increase in sales as against same period of 2012 where 14,051 units were sold. Every player in this segment registered positive growth during the period where as Bajaj Auto almost vanished from the scene where they underwent a huge decline in sales at 94.03%.

Piaggio is the market leader in this segment, they possess 55.57% of market share.  M&M stays at second place with 20.99% share followed by Atul Auto with 15.75.

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