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The German Premium car maker Audi continues to bloom in India registering a remarkable 57.42% growth in the month of May 2013 selling 710 units as against 451 units during May 2012. During January to May 2013 sales grew by 24.8%, delivering 4096 units as compared to 3282 units during January to May 2012.

“2013 is proving to be a great year for Audi in India. Not only are we achieving spectacular growth month on month, we also achieved market leadership in the luxury car segment in India. It is now important to sustain this momentum to reinforce our leadership and I am confident that we will achieve our sales target of 10800 units (+20%) by the end of this year.” said, Mr. Michael Perschke, Head, Audi India.

Audi are now planning on an expansion of its network in India to 34 dealerships by the end of 2013. The company opened new showrooms in Mumbai South, Lucknow and Bhubaneswar recently.

For Calendar Year 2012, Audi had surpassed their rivals BMW and Mercedes to become number 1 in Europe with a market share of 36% in premium segment. They also registered a 3.41% growth for 2012 on year to year comparison with 2011. However Mercedes and BMW are recently very active to unleash their new models into global market. There is every chance that Audi now will face tough competition from their rivals.

Audi India Product Portfolio

Source: Company, ACG European Car Market Analysis

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  1. Merc had played its card with the A Class, a very capable & VFM product. lets see how the industry shapes from now.

  2. Audi posting healthy growth in its category …….One indication of Super HNI segment being promising, spender and not affected by the general slowdown …Niche Segment

  3. kudos to Audi…good performance, now to sustain and increase this momentum it needs to gel with all its dealer network to make it look like one intact international module offcourse taking inputs from local knowledge.

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