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Maruti Suzuki recorded highest sale of 1,292,415 units in FY 2014-15 by registered 11.1% growth compare to FY 2013-14. In FY 2010-11, company sold 1,271,005 units by registered impressive growth of 30%.

maruti Suzuki car sales FY 2014-15

Since FY 2011-12, there is a continues sales growth in domestic market and recorded highest sales in FY 15.

Quarter wise Sales:

Maruti car sales quarter wise FY 15

In every Quarter overall domestic sales has increased, maximum gorwth has been registered in last quarter of FY 2015 due to some positive market sentiments.

Month wise Sales:

Maruti car Sales month


Maruti suzuki car export fy 2015

In Feb 2015, export was maximum. April 2014 registered min export of cars.

maruti model wise car sales in FY 2014-15

Maruti segment is shifting towards small compact car from Mini & small car segment. CIAZ its flag ship product in sedan car segmet increased its sales from 4,029 units to 33,151 units. It is giving tough competition to its competitors.

Maruti car sales and export march 2015

Maruti sold 103,719 units in March 2015 with 1.42 growth rate but its export fall by 29%. In FY 2015 Its export and Domestic sales both has incrased.

Maruti car van and utility vehicle sales March 15

In March 15, Van shown excellent growth of 207% but UV which is attractive segment shown 4.3% negative growth and Car also shown de growth of .3%.

Maruti suzuki wise car sales in March 2015

Alto, Wagon R sales is almost flat but Compact small which is showing overall growth in FY 15 shown de growth in March 2015 due to slow sales in March month. Dzire and CIAZ segment shown positive growth due to its customer segment buy vehicle in year end and CIAZ customers would have this car when it's stock is available.

Maruti model wise car sales in FY 2015

Cumulatively all segment Passenger cars, Utility vehicle and vans shown positive growth in FY 2015.

maruti suzuki model wise car, UV and van sales in FY 15

Source: Maruti, ACG databank

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