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Honda car sales trend analysisHonda India registered 41% growth in FY 2014-15 compare to last FY 2013-14. In FY 2008-09 it sold only 52,419 units and in 6 years it sold 189,062 units by introducing new model like Amaze and updated version like Honda City. Honda City is the flagship model of company which contributed noted amount in its sales. It sold more than 100,000 units after launching of its 4th Generation model. Honda BRIO, CRV, Amaze and Mobilio, the complete product portfolio shown positive growth.

Honda car sales quarter wise in FY 2014-15

3rd Quarter was the slow time for Honda India. The Q2 and Q4 registered positive growth, specially Q4 FY 2014-15.

Month wise Sales:

Honda car sales month wise in FY 2014-15

March 2015 was the best month for company, it sold 22,696 vehicles in March 2015 which is the highest sales of the year.


Honda passenger vehicle month wise

Jan 2015 was the best month for export of vehicle for the company. There is a continue fall in export in the last quarter of the year.

Model wise Sales Analysis:

Honda passenger vehicle model wise sales in March 2015

Honda city is on the top sales figure with 9,777 unints with 3% growth. Amaze which  is also sedan budget segment car at the number 2 position with 8,128 units. MUV vehicle Mobilio  is at numbe 3 position by selling 3,049 units

Model wise Market Share:

Honda model wise market share in FY 2014-15

Honda Amaze and Honda City, bith lost their market share with product portfolio. BRIO also lost slightly its share, CRV share is flat and Mobilio shown good number of market share.

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Source: Honda India and Autobei databank

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