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Eicher Trucks and Bus sold 2,608 units in January 2014

The total sales for Eicher Trucks and Bus for January 2014 were 2,608 units against 3,736 units in January 2013, registering 30% decline of sales. The domestic sales for the month decreased by 36% as 2,322 units were sold against 3,638 units sold during the same month of previous year. Exports for the month were 286 units against 98 units exported during January 2013.

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  1. Eicher has never been a significant player in Medium & Heavy commercial vehicles. We have already witnessed the 3 major ups and downs in CV industry in last 13 years and its for sure that any CV Organisation needs to have big portfolio to safeguard itself. They need to aggressively build up their portfolio with winning products alongwith a viable network.
    Their absence in and below 3 ton segment is a big constraint in becoming a large player by volumes. Last Dec and this Auto Expo, they showcased their Pro series, which seems to be good and big hopes and expectations are there, provided these products perform on customer’s expectations.
    While looking at B/L sheets, Eicher seems to be very good as it’s a near debt free company but there are always two sides of the coin. In my view they should leverage their strength to expand and grow organically or inorganically.

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