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Before coming to the new achievement of BharatBenz, I would like to go back to August 2012, when ACG published its exclusive Market Intelligence Report “BharatBenz- Game Changer” where forecast was provided on domestic market sales, export markets country-wise and product portfolio. The current figures re-instates the preciseness of our forecast methodologies.

For the forth quarter of FY 2013-14, BharatBenz slots at the third position in overall Heavy Truck Market segment in India with a possesion of 4.3% market share. However most of the sales had come from the 25T and 31T segments and most notably BharatBenz are yet to offer a single discount.

AMW, once a fast growing company in HCV segment especially in Tipper segment has now slipped to number five position due to tough market conditions. VECV’s newly launched Eicher ProSeries will offer a direct competition to BharatBenz.

The achievement come as a strong statement to the critics proving DICV on the right path in toughest of the market conditions. On a high note BharatBenz are to be considered as strong contenders to threaten market share of their fellow competitors.

The expansion of DICV Dealer Networks is still in progress and we are yet to witness the impact of newly launched Tractors and 16T Products which provides a huge positive to look forward into to FY 2014-15.

Current range of BharatBenz product is 9T to 49T including Rigid Haulage, Tipper and Tractor with few special application and will soon make their entrance into the Bus Segment.

Tipper Product Portfolio

Rigid Haulage Product Portfolio

New Products

Indian Truck Market Intelligence FY 2013-14

ACG's latest Market Intelligence report “Indian Truck Market Intelligence Report FY 2013- 14” is now available for purchase. Report includes Analysis of MAN, Scania etc. with their strategy for Indian Market.

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  1. I really appreciate your efforts.
    I could get the correct Market news through Autobei.Request you to please send all updates to my mail Id.

    God Bless to take more Indian Market News.

    Binoy Mathew

    Hino Motors Sales India Pvt Ltd

  2. Volvo operates on a very niche segment and AMW has been focussing on the Tipper segment. Its not surprising to see them at this position .
    BharatBenz has a long way to go before they catch up with AL

  3. There should be little surprise at the progress made by the Daimler range of trucks in India. I see them clearly in the 10-15% market share range in two years time. Well done BharatBenz!
    Cheers, Krish

  4. They are having good marketing network and technology. I think they can achieve No 1 spot also.

    Adhishakthi Krishnapillai

    Vehicle systems (Suspension systems)
    Ashok Leyland

  5. Indian Automobile industry is passing through a radical change and we are still waiting for the golden period when we will experienced world class technology particularly in HCV segment. DAIMLER success is an example but we are still waiting for Tata Motors and Ashok Leyland response with world class product range , in the year 2014-15, we will see the best and awaited range from Indian manufacturer then we will experience a different HCV industry.

  6. Hats Off to Tata Motors for holding the No.1 position.

    Karthikeyan Rajasekar
    Tata Motors Limited

  7. BharatBenz Powers ahead…. and more to come!

    Babu R
    Head of Quality Management
    Daimler Buses India

  8. Thanks a lot, you share best information of Automotive sector.

    Marketing Manager
    Maruti Udyog Limited

  9. Nice that Bharat Benz has taken a good market share in highly competitive industry, but this is partially due to the Indian Customer physic and “Let’s try new thing attitude”. we should not forget that Benz is the initial collaborator with TATA’s four decades back, this legacy too has helped to have initial footprint in commercial vehicle marketing.
    Best wishes to BB team, All the best.

  10. BharatBenz is getting corporate and product Branding from Autobei Consulting Group. ACG is giving very effective platform to all OEMs which i have never seen even in Europe and US in my 30 years career. It look that they have very strong strategic team.Also its Market Intelligence and Analysis is appreciated.

    Bharatbenz is at number 3 because of ignoring R&D importance by domestic players and ignore the product strategy vision of domestic companies. I think it is not difficult for Tata Motors and Ashok Leyland to give tough competition to Daimler in home ground if they do in depth product and market analysis and create a new Product portfolio in line with BharatBenz product range. As per my information Daimler expert from Stuttgart stayed in India almost for 5 years for pre market study.They bought all major truck brands for doing product and Market analysis.They even check all small components of their competitors. After doing in depth research only they have made blue print for Indian projects.

    Strong domestic players dont have to do any promotions activities and save good amount in advertising budget. This budget can be divert to develop new products and continue market research.Domestic players are also close to customers but they need to focus on brand perception and technology. Indian market is developing and you cant assume that customer will not divert to other products if they will have better product option. It is important for Tata, Ashok Leyland and Eicher to keep their customers and not let them divert to other products.

    It will be interesting to see when some other international players will enter into this market.

    Dr Micheal Weber

  11. This is fast recovery in such tough market conditions.

    Neeraj Gupta
    Zonal Business Head-West Region
    Hover Automotive India

  12. wait & watch
    Down & up option for 1st Time in Indin market
    May be fast recovery

    Rajesh Tyagi
    Manager ( Marketing )

  13. Good work in data analysis , 2013 – 2014 was very tuff for all manufacture , after elections thinking to gear up Market in terms of transportation & construction. Quarter 1 of 2014 – 2015 will be huge start for all manufacture .

  14. This is really worth an achievement more so because in last decade few people entered but were not able to breakin to the leauge with consistency. No doubt analysis, understanding the pattern and behaviour specifically (CV industry is unorganised sector) is critical and every one has spent money on that but what differentiated here was the PATIENCE by Daimler, generally once one enters the market after initial support displayed by HO to field with in months support tapers off and number game starts which puts one to ratrace and dents the long term plan. Which I believe was not the case with them, some times for long term plan you have to sacrifice with short gains..so to me PATIENCE was the differentiator apart from offcourse technology, having said that selling CV has not been easy in last 18 months even for biggies so that simply means their sales team slogged but not compromised .

  15. Dear Mr. Arun
    Thanks To You & Your Team,
    I really appreciate your efforts.
    I am getting the correct Market sales data & news through Autobei.

    It’s a quite helpful for me

    Aher DV
    Mgr Marketing
    KLT Automotive

  16. Dear All,

    It has been observed from this article that, Bharat Benz is gearing up in Indian market. Have you ever notice that what is the reason behind for their success.

    1. Product Reliability
    2.Cost to customer-Maintenance like Long Oil change interval for Aggregates
    3.Vehicle down time-attention to customer call at the earliest
    4.Dealer network

    All the above categories are taken care by Bharat Benz from the day one of Launching vehicles to Indian Market.

    What else you need to delight the customers.

    All the best to Bharat Benz team and Good work by Autobei to focus and high lighting the CV Industry.

  17. Hi All,

    First of all I am very Thankful to Autobei ACG for this all utmost best Information which they are providing to us.

    For BhartBenz I must say they have planned very Effectively and Efficiently to penetrate in to the Mass Market at this pace, Their Marketing team and Sales team effectively sold their Rigids and Tractor to Major Key Customers Pan India and Nurture them too is really the Best thing I’ve Learned from them,

    All the Very best to BB Team.

    Thank you So much Autobei ACG.

    Ishan Joshi
    Volvo Trucks , India.

  18. Kudos to team Bharat Benz.

    We wish them to reach their break even at the earliest. We would also want their dealers and vendors to earn profit as well. That will give us a good learning on how to do CV business in India. Their approach is certainly different. The way they kept their patience before launching their products, is commendable.

    Wish them best of luck.
    Joymalya Bose
    Kamaz Motors Limited

  19. If Bharatbenz starts manufacturing in India, manufacturing cost will reduce. If they pass on benefits to customer, they can become number 1 in India.

  20. 4th to 3rd was a minor jump ; 3rd to 2nd is a steep one to cross and it would be interesting to see when they do it – Good luck to Bharat Benz!

    Anantharaman Seetharaman

    Associated with Truck Mounted & Mobile Hydraulic Equipment

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