Clutch Plate Analysis of Automotive Industry

Publish Date : March, 2016

When a gear is selected, the clutch is employed in such a way as to ensure ongoing transmission without altering the functioning of the engine. The clutch transfers the power to the gearbox in this way. The clutch works to smooth out the transition from a spinning engine to a non-spinning transmission. As the engine needs to be spinning all the time and the wheels do not, the clutch has the job of disconnecting the wheel from the engine. The demand for automotive clutches are increasing steadily, this need arising out of a multitude of factors including high vehicle sales, convenience, sophistication and reliability. However, it is also notable that the same factors of sophistication and reliability have also worked as a restraint for the automotive clutch market.

The demand for automotive clutch markets, in particular have seen a significant growth in the Asia- Oceania and North American regions. This can be attributed to increased production of passenger cars. Additionally OEMs are also expanding production capacity in these regions and introducing new facilities to cater to the increased production requirements.

In terms of volume, the size of the automotive clutch market is estimated to touch 126,000 thousand units by the year 2019, amounting to a monetary value of M $10,700. The greatest impact of automotive clutches however, was felt in the Asia- Oceanic region neck-to-neck with North America, Europe and RoW regions. In the China, India and South America, demand for this market is projected to rise, owing to the need for fully automated transmissions which swap the clutches with torque converters. 

A detailed summary of the total volume and value is reported, in addition to a thorough analysis into the insights of the automotive clutch market. This report gives a quantitative and qualitative view of the present scenario and its predictions about the future. The key players in this market are ZF Friedrichshafen AG , BorgWarner Inc. , Valeo S.A. , Eaton Corporation Plc. , FCC Co. Ltd., Clutch Auto Ltd. , Schaeffler AG , Valeo S.A. , EXEDY Corporation,NSK Ltd.  and Aisin Seiki Co. Ltd..


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