Indian Car Market Trend Analysis and Forecast

Publish Date : September, 2019

The perception about the car Industry of India is that it is dominated by the small and low-price car segment. The latest study by ACG clearly indicated that this trend has been slowly changing in recent times as can be seen from the last five years of time.

The share of the small car segment in the Indian car market lost about nine percent between CY 2014 to CY HY 2019. The share of the segment of the MUV came down to 10 percent from the previous 13 percent from CY 2014 to HY CY 2019. The Hatchback car segment is almost fixed at its place, whereas the Sedan car segment lost about 8 percent in the duration of last 5 and half years of time.

ACG categorizes the overall Indian car industry into five categories namely – low price, value plus that is the budget category, premium, luxury, and high-end cars depending on some of the specific parameters that are considered by customers segment.

The segment categorized as low-price moved into the value plus segment. The share of the low-price segment in the Indian car market came down to about to 13 percent in CY HY 2019 from 19 percent in CY HY 2014, thereby showing a decline of 6 percent. On the other hand, the segment of value plus increased from 66 percent to 71 percent in the same period of time.

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The Key Highlights of the Report:

  • The Indian Car Industry Market size in volume and in Value (USD or INR)
  • Segment-wise Market forecast
  • Key Models performance and map with the market dynamics
  • Most effective advertising strategy
  • The segment share trend Analysis
  • How the customer changes their preferences with income, and availability of a new product range
  • Check the customer pulse before buying the car
  • How brand perception change with the time
  • OEM/Brand & Model wise Sales and Market Share Analysis
  • Model wise Product life cycle and Sales Volume relationship
  • OEM wise Sales Strategy Analysis and it’s an impact
  • Target customer analysis
  • Brand relevance study – Brand wise

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