Car Subscription Business Model Strategy

Publish Date : October, 2021

Flexible Car Subscription Business Model Strategy can help to win the market share in the short and long term. As per ACG’s latest survey and business cases, many customers are interested to take the car on a monthly subscription but the current options are not feasible for them.  The subscription model must be an economical, hassle-free model for customers, and Profitable for OEMs, Service providers. ACG help to redesign the Vehicle Subscription model to win the market. The OEMs and other services providers need to make changes in their offering. There are three main components of the Subscription model – What are the contract terms, Price, Customer requirement, and Feasibility 

The business models are divided into 2 main categories:

  • Electric Vehicle, and
  • ICE vehicle

In Our report, the following key points are included:

  • The Global Car Subscription market assessment – Developed and Emerging countries including Germany, Austria, France, UK, USA, China, India, and other key markets
  • How it can help to add new customers?
  • How to do segmentation, and offer the best option among the several ones?
  • How does it create the base with customer engagement, understand the customer needs, Customer delight, and give new opportunities for future business?
  • How to develop a new revenue stream by introducing a vehicle subscription model?
  • What does the winning Vehicle subscription model look like for short, medium, and Long term duration?
  • Real-time business case with customers feedback
  • Customer need and wants to get Subscription services
  • What are the customer’s vehicle preferences for different kinds of needs?
  • How to market and sell the subscription models?
  • Key challenges to make it successful and popular
  • Branding Strategy of the vehicle Subscription model and creating the perception
  • How to implement the entire project and its key components



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