Truck Fleet Owner data and critical analysis

Publish Date : March, 2019

Autobei Consulting Group has done various strategic projects on Indian Truck Transport sector or Truck Fleet owners/ Drivers since 2011. ACG always check the pulse of the Indian Truck Industry through various stakeholders of the Industry like Driver survey, Fleet owner survey, Truck ownership pattern, Future trend and other keys issues. 

  • Fleet Owner Operation practice
  • Revenue Model
  • Purchase pattern of Vehicle, Spare parts, and other services & products
  • Driver detail database
  • Planning to buy a new vehicle
  • Repairing vehicle – Workshop 
  • Vehicle leasing and rental concept
  • Transporters expectation
  • Transporters Challenges
  • Adaptation of Digital solution
  • Mapping Truck Best Application
  • Used Truck Sales
  • Load and unloading issues

Another part of the database:

  • OEM and Model name
  • Year of Manufacturing
  • Year of registration
  • GVW
  • Payload
  • Truck Type – Tipper, ODC, Tractor, Special Application etc
  • Axle configuration
  • Engine Make
  • Engine Power
  • VIN
  • Steering Type
  • Country of manufacturing
  • Chassis detail
  • Body Type
  • Owner name
  • Truck Application
  • Address and Contact number
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