Truck Buying Behavior Field Survey

Publish Date : December 11, 2017

Truck Buying Behavior Filed Survey report is based on our primary data collection with the Truck fleet owner. We collected feedback from our 20 questions to get the pulse of the market.

The scope of Study:

  • Major Cities in India
  • Truck ownership pattern
  • Large, Medium and Small Fleet owners
  • Tipper fleets transporting varied materials like stones, Sand, Rocks, Steel, Mining material, Building and Construction material are covered in the study
  •  Haulage of various application
  • Engine information and Price
  • Overloading
  • Brand position and their acceptance
  • Chinese Brand perception
  • What are the key points for Chinese Brand to be successful in India in specific category
  • Chinese Components
  • Different origin of brands and their manufacturing
  • Major parameters are categorized into 3 categories: Most Important, Medium and Low impact parameters
  • Truck features
  • After sales market frame 

Separate report is available for other segments like Truck Features, Driver Experience, Trailer, Concrete mixer and other special application

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