Indian Mining Tipper Market Analysis

Publish Date : July 24, 2018

Report Highlights:

  • Mining Tipper and Articulated Trucks Market size 
  • OEMs – Volvo, Scania, Mercedes, Tata, MAN, Bharatbenz and Mahindra
  • Model and location wise Tipper sales Trend and Forecast 2023
  • Market Share and Growth Analysis
  • Model level Yearly cost Analysis for the different location
  • Model level Product USP and pain areas
  • Pricing Analysis
  • The major reasons for product failure
  • Mining tipper customer database with their contact detail and fleet size
  • Key mining tipper locations, vehicle population, AMC, Labour cost, Running hrs of tippers, Mineral type of mines, the location of the lease, Working status
  • Major Aggregates
  • Product mapping 
  • Location wise working hrs
  • Customer to Customer dealing market intelligence information
  • Fleet Required (Type and number of equipment) 
  • Product Feedback
  • Engine Failure Analysis – Brand & Model wise
  • Oil Change Interval
  • Transmission Analysis
  • Axle Type and Axle Warranty
  • Axles shaft failure in hours/Kms
  • Differential failure in hours/Kms
  • Differential oil change intervals
  • Tipper Body volume & Type of Body
  • Spare parts pricing
  • Service contract, warranty
  • Soft offering e.g. driver training, telematics,
  • Free spare parts
  • Duties and taxes benefits
  • Service contracts, fleet management systems, financing, network density
  • Second-hand equipment 
  • Average age
  • Average utilization
  • Key Tender
  • Key Tender milestones and Dates
  • Upcoming Tenders
  • Current Status (L1, L2 , H1)
  • Contractor Details
  • Expected Competition
  • Possible Challenges


  • Coal mining segment – overburden and coal transportation
  • Limestone
  • Quarry
  • Granite mining


  • Qualitative and quantitative research  
  • Primary and Secondary research

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