Indian Automotive Critical Data

Publish Date : June, 2020

In the last 10 years, ACG has created a unique critical database for OEMs, Suppliers, Financial Institutes, Advertising & Branding companies, Dealers, software companies, and other stakeholders of the Industry. The databases created to meet the unique requirements of the companies in order to help their goals. Along with the database, the data analysis service is also available with data interpretation and presentation.

  • Brand (OEM), Model and variants wise, City, State, region-wise Indian Passenger Car, Two Wheeler, Truck, Bus, Commercial Vehicle, Three Wheeler, and Electric Vehicle data
  • Vehicle PARC Data
  • Sales data map with Product data like 19 years price, engine, Transmission, Dimension, Application, Customer segment, position etc
  • Who supplies whom
  • Vehicle components level cost analysis
  • Dealer inventory level
  • NBFC market share
  • Used Vehicle data
  • The new entrance into Indian Automotive market
  • Automotive Driveline Data
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Organization Structure and Key people
  • Truck, Bus, and Commercial Taxi fleet owner data
  • Premium Car, Truck, Bus, and Two Wheeler Sales data
  • Spare parts price data
  • Segment-wise Vehicle best and Worst features
  • Vehicle Key features data
  • Product life cycle

Customize Automotive Data is also available on request!

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