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Publish Date : January, 2018

Every year there is growth, improvement, and hype in the business sector and with every new strategy development there is an additional expectation from the customers as well as the brands across all sectors and India Entry Strategy Consulting Services will be a healthy solution for the development questions across all sectors.

For all business sectors across various sectors of the market, India Entry Strategy Consulting Services is a special business consulting vertical. In business, growth is necessary imperative for survival in the competitive market. For continued growth, there is a definite need to review the businesses strategy and make changes at an appropriate time according to the market.

Only a few companies have the capacity to use their actual potential. We help the small, medium and large organization to reach their full potential and get the desired result and to meet the market standards. We also help the firm to identify which product of the brand needs an upgrade or an update for the product increases its market share and value. The most effective sales strategy is to Identify the problem hampering its sale, decision to enter into diversified or undiversified business segment for multi-scale marketing.

India is considered to be one of the key markets for Automobile Industry. We understand and interpret the state of mind of the investor’s and all the strategic concern regarding the product dynamics of the Indian market. We have worked along with the blue-chip companies and helped them to build and establish their base for a strong market in India in a very short span of time. We have also created a unique strategy for each brand depending on the market competition. To be successful in India, it is important to have a success in the Indian market and to avoid mistakes which would have a long-term impact on the product, brand, and services provided by the company. Along with business, Intercultural is equally important for almost every country. We will do a real case study to understand the dynamics of each country in a better way to understand its market and culture.

ACG is known for providing customized business solutions and services which will help automotive companies to be successful in India. We are having the expertise to provide 360 degree solution in various sectors which expands from Pharmaceuticals and healthcare, FMCG, Industrial, Education, Financial, Automotive – OEMs (Car, Truck, Bus, Two and Three Wheeler, Construction Equipment’s, Agricultural machinery, Heavy Industrial Machinery) included foreign Electric Vehicle, Component manufacturer like Transmission, tyre, engine and its components, all kinds of Filters Brakes, body makers, battery, other auto parts, manufacturers of electrical and electronic parts, Interior, Power Train & Chassis, Axle, Bearings, Oil, Sensors, and others multi product companies.

We have also been successful in extending our support to OEMs to strategize with their dealer network and create and implement sales strategies for product development. This directly gives the firm an immediate boost to their sales in the market.

Digital and IT service is now becoming and will soon be the backbone of business sectors and we have developed multiple exclusive products for Global Automotive Industry which will have an immense impact on the market competition for establishing the brand value.

Our services include: Understand the market, customers, products, and trends of the market

  • Asses market Assessment and potential of the product: Understanding the dynamics and analysis of the Product and service and map the reports with the current and future market trends, primary research regarding the product, face to face Interaction with the potential clients, identifying the target group, acceptance of the products in the market, create a brand strategy and design, advertising the budget regarding the product Strategy, create and run a campaign from national region to the local area and extend to tab the market, Product taste, feedback concerning the Product, recommendation for Product improvement, positioning of Product in market, strategizing for Pricing of product, Profit analysis and Product Mix, Entry barrier, Technology trends for product improvement, meeting the demand and supply gaps to the customers, use location of product in market as an advantage.
  • Implement new business strategies to strategize new methods for success, planning, and Implementation of new methods to understand the consumer and the market pulse, and reviews regarding the product.
  • Develop new business plans for short term and long term plan, priorities the strategic, develop a phase-wise investment plan, analyze the risk involved in the market, Industry assessment, and analyze the gaps to the customers
  • Do a detailed analysis of the Competitors in a market and know the success and failure of competitors and best practices provided by them to customers.
  • Face the challenges in the market to establish a brand value and create new opportunities.
  • Prepare a plan for financial input for product establishment.
  • Innovate new ideas for entry by finding a compatible partner and map the product services to potential capabilities of the product, JV, strategic partnership, representative, Importer. For entry to the market we introduce the companies to the potential partners, buyers, distributors, Importer, exporters, shortlist companies. 
  • We help the firm for incorporation of the Indian entity to the brand through registration documentation, registration of legal name, Open bank account, trademark, Copyrights and other services to the firm
  • We support and help to provide the complete solution for Setting up of a Greenfield facility which includes finding the strategic location as per the business plan, develop the new strategy for the product, study market situation, and service. We also help the company in getting the regulatory approvals from government authorities and negotiate and close the deal.
  • We help develop strategies for Intercultural management
  • We help the company to know the market scenario and the best suitable business structure, tax consulting, project report, get the approvals from the regulatory environment. Find vendors, sales Channel partner and provide intelligence information, Office space, space and location for the factory setup, factory compliance,  provide support to open the bank account and registration with authorities, Compliance support service, Legal frame and impacts, Complete HR service, accounting and IT infrastructure and develop other product support plans.
  • We create Sales plan at different levels starting from national, State, and City level based on our market assessment, analysis, and the trend. We also create online and Offline sales kit or tool, give training on how to use it, Proper tracking strategy to achieve desirable goals, do the review of the Business Analysis and the Performance of the product. We also help develop sales leads from online presence by using different modes of social media and other effective digital tools.
  • We help to design detail advertising plan along with budget and best ROI for brand awareness and advertising campaign. We make complete and proper planning to run the effective campaign (With Promotional Material)and achieve the expected result through the campaign.
  • Strategize methods of communication to the internal organization Structure and also to the External organizations, develop the new strategy for all media mediums.
  • Do continuous advertisements through media and PR Solution which can include print media, electronic media and the latest modes of digital media.

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