Chinese Automotive Entry Strategy for Indian Market

Publish Date : June, 2020

ACG released the latest report on the  Chinese Automotive Entry Strategy for the Indian Automotive Market. We are tracking the Chinese Automotive entry strategy into Indian Market since 2014.

Key Highlights of the Report:

  • Indian Automotive Market Trend and Forecast
  • Chinese Automotive OEMs key markets – Global
  • Company and Entry Strategy Analysis of Changan, Great Wall Motors, Sino Truk, Geely, and others
  • What features and price range offering by Chinese Automotive firms to Indian Customers
  • Key Challenges and Opportunities in Indian Markets
  • Entry Segment – Premium, Mid-range or low cost | Tipper, SUV, Heavy Duty Truck, Medium Duty Truck, Light Duty Truck, Car, Electric Car, Electric Two-Wheeler, Electric Bus
  • COVID 19 impact on Indian and Chinese Automotive Industry
  • Investment Plan by Chinese Auto manufacturers
  • Channel Sales Strategy Analysis and Dealership Model
  • PR and Branding Analysis – Emotional and Quality
  • Product Comparison between Chinese, European, Asian, Korean, American, and Indian
  • How Chinese OEMs are pitching their products in Indian Market
  • Indian Automobile Competitive Analysis
  • Will Chinses players penetrate into Indian Automotive market
  • Short, Medium, and Long term plan
  • Indian customer sentiments for Chinese OEMs
  • The cultural difference Analysis between Indian and China
  • Business etiquettes – India and China
  • Customer detail journey
  • Import Policy, Regulation, and Setup Business in India
  • Key Automotive segment for Chinese OEMs
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Upcoming Chinese OEMs planning to enter into Indian Market – Electric Vehicle, Commercial Vehicle, and Passenger Vehicle
  • Pricing Strategy and Product Portfolio
  • Product Position and Customer Target SegFment
  • Brand Position and Strategy – Why not promoting “Made in China” or “Chinese Brand”
  • Target Customer segment
  • Chinses Automotive Supplier
  • Customer survey
  • SWOT Analysis
  • PESTEL Analysis
  • Import Policy, Regulation, and Setup Business in India
  • Case Study – MG Motor, SINO Truk (CNHTC), BYD and Countries like Africa and Indonesia Automotive Market
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