Best and Worst features of vehicle Report

Publish Date : December, 2018

The best and Worst feature of the vehicle Report is a set of critical information. It is the blueprint of Product Analysis & strategy of the Indian Automotive Industry. This market intelligence information gives you access to gauge competitive information, Product & Value proposition, and other relevant key information. We spent many years to prepare this database and we have analyzed in many ways. This database is an eye opener for OEMs, Fleet Owners, Financial Institution, Contractors, Logistic companies, Construction companies and other stakeholders of the industry.

  •  Market research: Understand which products are the most popular and why
  •  Customer preference: Database gives you incredible insight about customer choice and purchase parameters 
  •  Product planning: Product planning and strategy create a rich product portfolio, and Mapping products with the market segment and customers
  •  Sales planning: Determine sales forecast and planning
  •  Competitive analysis: Benchmark competitors, understand market and Product scenario, How to market products against competitors
  •  Marketing & Promotion: Tailored your message based on your target segment

Segment included:

  • Truck – Mini Truck, Pick up Truck, Rigid Haulage, Tipper, Tractor Trailer
  • Bus – All segments
  • Passenger vehicle – Car, SUV, MUV
  • Two Wheeler – Scooter and Motorcycle
  • Three Wheeler
  • Construction Equipment
  • Agriculture Equipment

The database can be mapped with other key information like Price, Discount, Engine Detail, Transmission detail, Type of Application, Product life cycle, Loyalty, Production volume, Market share, Trend, Warranty, Customer satisfaction,  and other critical information. A separate report of each segment is available. 


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