Auto parts Database of Indian Automobile Industry

Publish Date : March, 2017

ACG Automotive released Auto Parts Database of Indian Automobile Industry database of the Passenger Vehicle, Commercial Vehicle, Bus, Truck, Two Wheeler, and Three Wheeler segment. 

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Auto parts database of Indian Automobile Industry

Report included:

  • Main Category: Consumable parts, Clutch Plate, Engine Parts, Gearbox parts, Suspension parts, Electrical parts, Chassis & Mounting parts, Brake parts, Cabin Parts, Air Conditioner parts, Steering parts and Wheel Parts
  • Key players of each segment
  • MRP Price
  • Discount
  • Margin
  • Parts rating
  • Genuine parts
  • Local parts
  • Spurious parts
  • Availability of parts
  • Customer preference
  • Supply Chain strategy
  • Challenges
  • Opportunities


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