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Mahindra Sales anaysis

Mahindra Auto (Excluding Two Wheeler and Tractor) Sales showed some de growth since FY 13.However its export registered slightly growth in FY 2014-15. In FY 2010-11, it sold 358,021 vehicle in domestic market and in FY 15 fiscal year it sold 434,652 units.

Overview of Sales performance FY 2014-15:

Mahindra Automotive Sales performance FY 15

Mahindra Truck & Bus giving continue positive growth from couple of months. It is the only segment which gas given positive sales figure in FY 15.

Passenger Vehicle:


mahindra passenger vehicle sales

Coompany registered highest sales in FY 12-13. In FY 15, it has shown second lowest sales since FY 2010-11.

Four Wheeler CV Sales trend:


Mahindra Sales of passenger vehicle

From FY 11 to FY 14, it has shown positive sales trend byt in FY it registered negative sales sales growth due to overall low market sentiments.

Three Wheeler sales trend:


Mahindra three wheeler sales

This segment is also struggling and noted negative griwth since FY 12. In FY 15, it shown lowest sales number.

Mahindra Truck & Bus:


Mahindra truck and bus sales

This is the only verticla of mahindra Auto group which is showing growth from last couple of months. Credit goes to market condition and its team who put lot of efforts to turn out it specially Mr Mohan who is Sales head of Mahindra.

Month wise sales:


Mahindra domestic and export sales in March 15

In March 15, it shown negative growth in domestic market but positive in export.


segment wise mahindra sales

In March 15, all segment registered negative growth inlcuding Mahindra Truck vertical..


Mahindra truck and bus sales in fy 15

Mahindra cumulativelty also shown negative sales trend in all verticals. Max de growth by Four wheeler segment and min de growth by its mainy passenger vehicle.

Tractor sales:


Mahindra tractor sales and export

Some dealer end inventory has been reduced in Q4 of Fy 15 as per Mahindra. Its tractor units are strugling in domestic market but 31% growth noted in March 15.

Two Wheeler Sales:


Mahindra Two Wheeler sales march 15

Mahindra two wheeler segment showed some psotive sales.


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