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Hino is a global player with presence in more than 70 countries, especially significant in Asia and Africa. When they entered India four years back, lots of hope was there. Their products are suitable for emerging market and they have good experience with such markets. Still their impact in India remains minimal.

Hino – India Product Portfolio

Hino currently offers heavy-duty trucks and buses to Indian market.

ACG has done primary survey on Hino trucks performance in India. Below is the summary.

One of the biggest road construction contractor of South India comments as follows : “ We have around fifteen 25T, 6X4 Tippers which is used for the transportation of road construction materials and other on road applications. Hino Trucks gives the best mileage out of my total fleet. Also performance-wise, it is a superior product, there are minimal issues of after sales. We only use other makes if Hino fleet is not on the job. My drivers are also happy to drive it due to its comfort and features; no tiredness in driving Hino fleet so productivity has increased by 10 to 15%.”

Hino Ex Dealer: " I was happy to be part of  Hino trucks India. Due to gap between demand and supply, I have decided to quit dealership. Once I had an order of 45 tippers; due the shortage of supply due to Tsunami in Japan the sales didn't fall through. I have tremendous confidence on Hino tippers.  After seeing its performance , I was confident enough to commit customer on a 5 years warranty."

HINO – Global Product Portfolio

Hino offers to global market a complete transport solution.

Light Duty Trucks posses the major sales share , followed by Medium and Heavy Duty Trucks.

Hino Global Sales

Asia is the prime market for Hino Group. One of the main reasons that Japanese OEM are successful in India is their Inter-cultural management.  As per Hofstede, the cultural dimensions of Asian countries are similar. Market dynamics for trucks stay close on certain parameters.

Hino Top Three Asian Markets:

Indonesia is Hino's biggest market followed by Thailand and Malaysia.


Hino products are well suitable for Asia region; its technology is environment friendly, products are customized per region, after sales support oriented. Hino's strategy to make products with maximum localized parts has proven cost effective for OEM as well as customers and give good back up for after sales along with maximum up time.

ACG has developed simulation software and Customer/Product matrix where Hino trucks has shown positive results. Hino has every potential to be a top player in India; but there is much work left to do on key areas like pricing, networks and branding.

Autobei Consulting Group

‘Autobei Consulting Group (ACG) ’ is a management consulting group which has leveraged on its expertise and proprietary databases to provide "Customized Solutions" in areas such ‘Sales Analysis’, ‘Business Planning’, ‘Market assessment’ and ‘Project Feasibility’ on Global Automotive Industry. Autobei Consulting Group (ACG) make use of the expertise and vast experience to deliver Cutting Edge Research Solutions.


  1. As one who worked for an importer of Hino products the middle east from 1981 to 1996 including assembly of a model KM6 from CKD units (average 6 units per day) , a monthly average sales of 40-50 units of ZY and HY 6X4 Heavy trucks (both tipper trucks (18 Cu.M) or 27 Cu M Tipper Trailers) the dealer stood second for a number of years in sales and numero uno in after market service and parts operations. In 1982, during construction of Baghdad to Basra rail link in Iraq one of the Indian Contractor bought 60 nos of ZY tipper trucks and there after many followed it. Another transport company in Dubai at one time owned and operated 262 ZY/HY trucks and repeat orders came in regularly. It is one of the best trucks, with improved customer friendly technology, but I am of the opinion that Hino Trucks, Japan trusted their Indian collaborators, and later too their Indian management ranted. Many of the Hino’s in house philosophy, or Japanese ethics were sacrificed. If the control was in the best hands ,Hino would have been no;1 in >16ton GVW trucks. Hino was the first company to introduce “micro mixing” of diesel to avail almost complete combustion/ignition with clean emissions in 1982. I wish HINO MOTORS all success

  2. Thanks for your great information, the contents are quiet interesting.I will be waiting for your next post.

  3. quite informative!

    Rajeev Gera
    Founder & Managing Director
    Torus Marketing Private Limited

  4. The article is about the what Hino Trucks could achieve in Indian Market with regard to their portfolio and expertise. A lot of historical facts are often emitted from articles on our website as we believe our readers already have a strong understanding of the market.

  5. Hino has failed miserably in India. Buyers will not again take a risk, even Channel will not dare to venture again.

    Ranjit Purkayastha
    AVP- Customer Care
    Piaggio Vehicles Pvt. Ltd.

  6. Ya I agree that HINO has the ability to charge up the Indian CV industry again because of its brand name and products but i also have the view they had missed one very good opportunity by not been able to capitalize / cash on the time when they were present as that time other Indian manufacturers were not that ready with new products. Today the scenario is different and Indian CV industry has started getting divided into 3 segments – Mass product, Niche products & Premium cum performance products.
    Today every manufacturer is ready with these types of products and with faster globalization; the required technology is easily available. Indian CV manufactures esp Tata and Mahindra etc being aware of these developments, had already started creating entry barriers around their customers, which will be difficult for any company to break. All the best HINO !

    Kinshuk Agarwal
    Divisional Manager
    Tata Motors Ltd

  7. Great products can only fetch them minimal volumes, positive word of mouth still occupies top spot when it comes to sales of Commercial Vehicles. Hino failed with marketing in a big way, have we seen any Hino trucks, not many!

    Aggressive Marketing, Demo’s & advertisements coupled with assurance of “Service @ home” would have gained them good volumes. Currently the CV industry is going through tough times, looks difficult for even Biggies like TATA, ALL & MTBL to bounce back, let alone small players like Hino, MAN, AMW & DICV!!

    Tarik Arora
    Market Research
    Escorts Tractors

  8. HINO needs to do something on the HORSEPOWER and TORQUE department of the J08E engines. At 8.1 liters with just 280 HP and 600 lb/ft of torque is a very low statistic for that kind of displacement. A smaller 6.7 liter Powerstroke can put over 300 HP and 800 lbs/ft of torque. Need to up the Horsepower and Torque.

    Fabián Ortiz Nazario Brunno
    Gobierno Municipal de Yauco
    Puerto Rico

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