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The total sales of passenger vehicles in India saw a 4% increase in the month of August 2013 with 190,053 units sold against 182,020 units sold during the same month of previous year.

Total sales for car segment stood at 133,486 units in August 2013 as against 115,705 units in August 2012, registering 15% growth. Sales units for Utility segment stood at 39,379 in August 2013 and registered 13% decline when compared against August 2012 sales of 45,032 units. Van sales declined by 19% in August 2013 at 17,188 units as against 21,154 units in August 2012.

The total contribution of car segment in total sales for August 2013 stood at 70% which was 64% in August 2012. Utility vehicles share drop to 21% as van segment drop to 9%.

Maruti registered 52% growth in August 2013 with 76,018 cars sold against 50,129 cars in August 2012. While Honda had posted 63% growth in August 2013 sales at 8,913 in comparison with August 2012 sales of at 5,470 units. Among the positives, Volkswagen and Ford registers positive growths of 9% and 2% respectively, while Hyundai witnessed their sales remain stable.
Tata Motors’ sales crumbles once again as their total passenger vehicles sales fall by 38%. Renault and Nissan also registered decline in sales at 8% and 37% respectively.

Car Segment

Impressive growth of 101% is achieved by Maruti car sales with 63,499 units has been dispatched in August 2013 against 31,653 units in August 2012. Tata witnessed their sales down by 51%, while Ford’s sales are reduced to 67%.

Utility Segment

Mahindra had their sales of utility vehicles decline by 25% for August 2013 at 14,866 units against 19,729 units in August 2012. Ford’s new launched utility vehicle registered sales of 5411 units in August 2013. Ford’s market share for August 2013 stood at 14% and now occupy third place in utility segment behind Mahindra and Toyota. Renault saw their sales shrunk by 7% at 2977 units sold for August 2013 against 3213 units in August 2012.

Van Segment

In Van segment Maruti sales fall by 31% for August 2013 at 7,956 units sold against 11,593 units in August 2012. Tata Motors registers 2% decline while Mahindra vans post 7% decline for August 2013 sales in comparison with August 2012.

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