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The Indian bus market recorded a decline of 6% in August 2013 with 7,152 units sold against 7,628 units sold during August 2012.

The medium and heavy bus segment ((GVW >7,5t) sold 3,613 units in August 2013 against 3,879 units registering 7% decline. The LCV ((GVW upto 7.5t) segment 3,539 units in August 2013, 6% lower than the August 2012 sales of 3,749 units.

M&∓HCV Bus Segment (GVW >7.5t)

  • Ashok Leyland registered positive growth of 21% in August 2013 at 1,779 units as against 1,474 units in August 2012.
  • Tata Motor’s sales decreased by 17% for August 2013 at 1,265 units as against 1,525 units in August 2012.
  • VECV’s Eicher brand trucks suffered heavy loss once against in this segment as their sales are down by 52% at 230 buses sold in August 2013 against 480 units in August 2012.
  • Sales for SML Isuzu declined at 18% with sales of 296 units against 359 units in August 2012.

Ashok Leyland leap ahead in M&HCV segment with a market share of 49% in August 2013 from 38% in August 2012. Tata Motors share fell to 35% in August 2013 from 39% in August 2012. Combined Tata and Ashok Leyland holds 84% market share in Indian Bus Market. Eicher’s share had fell to a mere 6% for August 2013 and SML Isuzu jump ahead of them with 8% market share.

LCV Bus Segment (upto 7.5t)

  • Tata Motors sales decline by 21% during August 2013 at 1,270 units as opposed to 1,605 units in August 2012.
  • Force Motors also suffered decrease in sales of 9% at 1,338 units in August 2013 as against 1,463 units in August 2012.
  • Eicher had seen their sales grew by 76% at 536 units in August 2013 against 305 units in August 2012.
  • SML Isuzu is the only manufacturer who saw a positive growth in August 2013 by selling 270 units as against 235 in August 2012 accounting for 15% growth.

Tata Motors’ market share in August 2013 dip to 36% in August 2013 from 43% in August 2012. Eicher saw their market share increased to 15% from 8% in August 2012.

Source – ACG, SIAM

∓Eicher had seen their sales grew by 76% at 536 units in August 2013 against 305 units in August 2012.

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