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Indian Automobile Industry witnessed sales growth of 0.5% for the month of December 2013 as a total of 1,720,157 units were sold against 1,711,123 units during the December 2012.

The overall Production stood at 1,734,593 units in December 2013, marking 2% increase as compared against 1,698,107 units produced in December 2012. The domestic sales for December 2013 grew by 1% as 1,431,632 units were sold against 1,449,203 units during the same month of previous year. Export for December 2013 were 288,525 units which registered 10% growth against 261,920 units were sold against units during the same month of previous year

Overall Sales for December 2013 grew by 1%.

  • Two Wheeler Sales grew by 4% in December 2013 with 1,360,706 units sold against 1,310,118 units sold during December 2012.
  • Passenger Vehicle sales declined by 7% in December 2013 with 238,681 units sold against 256,902 units sold during December 2012.
  • Commercial Vehicles recorded 14% sales decline for December 2013 with 79,801 units sold against 92,663 units sold during December 2012.
  • Three Wheelers sales shrunk by 20% in December 2013 with 40,969 units against 51,440 units for December 2012.
    Domestic Sales

Domestic Sales decline by 1%.

  • Two Wheeler Domestic Sales recorded positive growth by 2% in December 2013 with 1,163,465 units sold against 1,137,081 units sold during December 2012.
  • Passenger Vehicle sales fall by 9% in December 2013 with 186,161 units sold against 204,617 units sold during December 2012.
  • Commercial Vehicles came down by 26% for December 2013 at 46,757 units sold against 62,786 663 units sold during December 2012.
  • Domestic Three Wheelers sales declined by 21% in December 2013 at 35,249 units against 44,757 units for December 2012.

Strong Exports Growth of 10%

  • Two wheeler exports had increased by 14% in December 2013 at 197,241 units against 173,037 units in December 2012.
  • Passenger vehicle exports for December 2013 registered marginal increase of 0.4% at 52,520 units against 52,285 units exported during December 2012.
  • Commercial Vehicle exports decreased by 15%, with 5,720 units for December 2013 against 6,721 units in December 2012.
  • Exports of three wheelers marked 11% growth at 33,044 units in December 2013 against 29,877 units exported during December 2012.

Automobile Production grew by 2%

Two Wheeler Production had recorded positive growth of 7%, while all other segments registered negative growths, notable 10% reduction for Passenger Vehicles. Commercial Vehicles Production were cut down by 25%.

Source  –  ACG, SIAM

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  1. Good!

    Bibhu Prasad Padhi
    Asst Vice President and Zonal Manager , West
    Cholamandalam Investmdnt & Finance Company Ltd

  2. Thanks for Sales data updation

    Tarun Kumar
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    Stallion Group Limited

  3. Good.

    Bibhu Prasad Padhi
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  4. “The overall sales for Indian automobile is down have internal as well as external factors responsible,however, due to unsteady and unpredictable,beyond reach external factors are likely to make the further impact in months to comes,The OEMs needs to overcome by tightening some of the internal resources which are with-in their reach to make the difference i.e.till first quarter 2014-15,the market will have +ve growth successively.”

    Best Regards,
    P P Deshmukh

  5. “i agree not in India all over the world economy is in bad shape . They need to overcome with and idea which will not be against the consumer and also small benefit to the company. ”

    Sunil Nayyan

    GM-Service at Sneda Motos ltd

    • I think in India is more of man made problems and not a global slowdown perse. We are actually doing well everywhere. The only industry which is in bad shape is the automobile and that too the CV business. I attribute this to the ban on mining and hence the retaliatory effect. I understand the ports are all empty without the stocks of Iron Ore and they are contemplating whether they can offer these places to the automobile sector to park their export cars there.

  6. I see the two wheeler industry will grow flat in 2014 – 15, where as market will see a 8 – 10% growth in passenger car and commercial vehicles may see a 12 – 15% growth in this period. Our major concerns are going to be 1) the vehicle stock in dealer and OEM end, 2) financier portfolio. Commercial vehicle will see a good jump in view of 1) revised market sentiment due to (anticipated) higher allocation in planned expenditure in new budget, 2) latest clearance on projects made by UPA II, 3) change in interest policy in view of better inflation data .

  7. Interesting summary of data. Hope Q1.2014 turns out to be revival for Auto. Please share segment wise analysis, with influencing factors for the expected revival.Thanks.

    Sekhar Desai

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