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Over the year 2013, EU Car market recorded a total of 11,850, 905 new car registrations against 12,054,057 units during the year 2012, representing a reduction of 1.7%. Despite having a slow start to the year, sales have improved with the 4th Quarter registering a powerful 6.1% growth.

The sales figures are the lowest number since 1995 and the marked sixth consecutive year of contraction. The stimulus packages and heavy discounts offered by manufacturers had a positive impact on sales for the second half of the year 2013 and this may carry on through initial quarter of the 2014.

The past six years sales represents a zig-zag trend gives clear indication of the market instability. The real concern remain on the revenues manufacturers can generate as car prices tend to remain low.

Top 5 Markets – Volume wise


Among the markets, UK registers a strong growth of 10.8% in year 2013 as compared against 2012, mainly catalyzed by easy finance schemes. Besides UK, Spain remained the only market to register positive growth for the year at 3.3% driven by the state-backed car scrappage scheme. Europe’s biggest market Germany represents a 4.2% de-growth while France registered -5.7% drop in sales. Italy slips at 7.1% for the demand for new cars.

Top 5 Manufacturers

The VW group registered 0.6% de-growth in car sales for the year 2013 against 2012. Among their brands SEAT and SKODA bagged positive growths. PSA growth, the second largest manufacturer in terms of volume is struggling and they suffered 8.4% decline with neither of their brands Peugeot and Citroen failed to generate positive sales. Renault Group is the only manufacturer to record positive growth of 4.4%, backed by Dacia’s increase in sales by 23%.

Top 5 Brands

The budget car Dacia is the top performer of year 2013, as their sales hiked at 23.3% against previous year. They are followed by Japanese manufacturer Mazda, whose sales witnessed 16.1% growth. Most encouraging signs for Jaguar Land Rover Group as their both brands fall inside top five for year 2013. The group registered a total sales of 131,701 units in 2013, with a sales growth of 9.7% against year 2012.

 Bottom 5 Brands

Alfa Romeo occupy the bottom end for the 2013, as their sales heavily declined by 28.3%. GM group witnessed two of their brands fall under the bottom of the pile as GM registered 23.4% decline and Chevrolet sales fall by 18.4%.

Source – Association des Constructeurs Européens d'Automobiles, ACG

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  1. A very good report!

    Rajesh Gupta
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  2. Good Report Arun,
    Can I infer from article, that brands doing good globally will also perform well in India and vice versa ?

  3. Some green shoots of recovery in UK & Spain, however major 3 markets Germany France Italy still De growing. Its been six long years of recession..I believe its an 8 years cycle. Industry should do better from 2014 onwards.

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