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The domestic automobile sales for the month of October 2013 stood at 1,858,386 units against 1,651,028 units sold during the October 2012, registering 12.6% growth. Exports grew by 10% , where as total sales including Domestic and Exports grew by 12%. Production increase by 14.2% in October 2013 against the same month of previous year.

Domestic Sales

Total Domestic sales registered 12.6% growth for October 2013 against corresponding month of previous year.

  • Two wheeler segment registered impressive growth of 18% for October 2013 with 1,516,291 units sold against 1,285,015 units sold during October 2012.
  • Passenger Vehicle sales decline by 2% in October 2013 with 239,137 units sold against 244,054 units sold during October 2012.
  • Commercial Vehicle Sales are 19.8% down for October 2013 with 53,333 units sold against 67,722 units sold during October 2012.
  • Three Wheelers sales got reduced by 10.5% in October 2013 with 49,425 units against 55,237 units for October 2012.


The total exports for October 2013 grew by 10% with a total of 258,201 vehicles exported against 234,747 units in October 2012.

  • Two wheeler exports had also increased at 14.7% with 177,570 units exported against 154,852 units in October 2012.
  • Passenger vehicle exports for October 2013 increased by 6.8% at 46,119 units against 43,193 units exported during October 2012.
  • Commercial Vehicle exports increase by 20%, with 6,913 units for October 2013 against 5,767 units in October 2012.
  • A total of 27,449 three wheelers were exported during October2013 against 30,835 units exported during October 2012, registering 11% drop.


The total industry production marked an increase of 14.2% in October 2013 at 2,087,333  units against 1,827,737  units in October 2012.

Source – Autobei, SIAM

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  1. A general view is useful, while I do not see any correlations among different markets, such as motorbike, cars and heavy truck. The view that India is growing is not correct, at least looking at the major of these three markets (as revenue not units), the Light Passenger Vehicles.

    However, congrats for the job!

  2. Is it possible to get state wise / vehicle segment wise sales data? This will be great information for us

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