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The overall sales for Eicher Trucks and Buses for August 2013 stood at 3909 units as against 3207 units in August 2012. The domestic sales for August 2013 were 2757 units in comparison with 3712 units sold in August 2012, registering 26% de-growth. Exports were 450 units as against 197 units exported during August 2012, registering 128% increase.

The cumulative sales of Eicher Trucks and Buses for calendar year 2013 reached 29651 units, 12% less than the 33570 units sold during the same period of previous calendar year. Domestic sales for January to August period for 2013 stood at 27952 units against 31889 units over the same period in 2012, registering 12% decline. The exports accounts for 1699 units against 1681 units in 2012, registering 1% drop

Source – Company, ACG

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