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Ashok Leyland sold a total of 7,139 units in August 2013 against 9,432 units in August 2012 and observed their sales decline by 24%. The overall year-to-date sales for April to August period of  financial year 2013-14 stood at 37,609 units which is lower by 18% as against 46,704 units sold during the same period of previous financial year 2012-13 registering a 19% de-growth.

The sales of commercial vehicles except dost stood at 4939 units, registered 25% drop as in comparison with August 2012 where 6,597 units were sold. The year to date sales for FY 2013-14 is 26,105 units, 23% de-growth as compared against 33,818 units sold during April-August period of FY 2012-13.

The SCV – Dost registered 2,200 sales units for August 2013 against 2,835 units for August 2012, marking de-growth of 22%. Sales for April-August period of FY 2013-14 is 11,504 units against 12,886 units sold during same period of FY 2012-13, dip by 11%.

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  1. Many Indian companies are struggling to protect their top line and bottom line in the mid of macro economy volatility. With dollar becoming 20% stronger, the inputs in industrial markets have been costlier by 20% and also it has a huge impact on the fuel cost therefore the companies who were importing good from Europe or US will have to pay higher price of material due to currency conversion but also have to pay much higher price in logistics cost. Are our companies geared up to counter this down turn by robust restructuring plan or cost reduction programs. Think about it.

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