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Hyundai Car export and sales in India

Hyundai Motors has 59,365 units compare to same month of the previous month. Year 2014 was the flourishing year for Hyundai India. It registered 21% growth which is good sign for the industry and Hyundai.It sold 26,861 units in domestic market and exports of 26,861 units with 14.7% growth in December 2014. Hyundai is strong player in export segment, it registered impressive growth of 29% growth in December 2014.Hyundai also run effective Ad campaign in December 2014 on electronic and print media.

Hyundai car and SUV salesAugust 2014 was the best month for Hyundai India, it registered double digit growth of 15.3% growth. 

Hyundai export and sales in India

April to December 2014, it sold 59,365 units with 21% growth compare to April to December 2013.

Hyundai car sales and strategy

2014 Heighlights:

 – Year 2014 was the best year and it sold  over 4.10 lakh units specially in Small and Sedan segment
– It captured 21.6% market share which is the highest market share by Hyundai in India since it started opration
– More than 4.3 million cars serviced 
– Honored by Wining the Top car exporter award for 2014-15 by EEPC for the 10th consecutive year, it gained around 40% market share in export

– Hyundai is having 5 million fans on facebook

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  1. Hyundai continues its automotive expansion world wide. These are markets that GM and Ford should dominate, not Hyundai. American car companies have better products and higher quality.

    Larry Marino
    Deputy Director, PM HBCT VHMS, CBM and CLOE Sytems at Department of Defense – TACOM Armored Brigade Combat Team

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