Alternative energy vehicles and Chinese Brand registered impressive growth

The production and sales of new energy vehicles reached 25,246 units and 22,936 units respectively, increasing 54.8% and 46% year on year. To be specific, the production and sales of BEV reached 18,818 units and 17,637 units, increasing 63.5% and 60.5% year on year; and such figures for PHEV were 6,428 units and 5,299 units, increasing 33.8% and 12.3% year on year. [Read more…]


Indian Passenger Vehicle Production Report FY 2016 Nissan and Volkswagen are top five car producer in India

Indian Car Production Technology Analysis

Indian Passenger Vehicle Trend Analysis FY 10 to Fy 16

Indian Passenger Production Report FY 2016 give detail information on Indian Car Industry. Indian Passenger vehicle showed 6% growth in FY 2015-16. It is maximum growth after FY 2011.

Indian Passenger vehicle production report FY 2016

Indian became attractive hub for producing vehicle and export to SAARC, Africa, Middle East and some European countries. 

Car production Market Share FY 2015-16

In Car production, Nissan counted in top 5 car producing in India but in sales, company is having only 1% market share. It exported 1,11,460 units in FY 2016.

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Renault overtakes Tata, Toyota, VW,Ford,Fiat,Skoda,GM in March 2016 Key findings of Indian Passenger market

Indian car market report 2016

Indian car sales analysis March 2016

Renualt KWID is going to game changer in Indian car market. Renault car market share increased from 0.3% to 5.6%. Tata lost its market share from 7.4 to 3.9%.Recently ACG has written a article on Tata Motors Branding Strategy and Product Strategy of Tata Motors.

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Indian Automobile Analysis FY 2015-16 Sales, Production and Export of Passenger vehicle, Car, Commercial vehicle, Two Wheeler and Three Wheeler

Indian Automobile Industry Analysis FY 2015-16

Indian Automobile Industry Analysis FY 2015-16

In FY 2015-16 Indian Automobile Industry saw 4% growth compare to FY 2014-15.

Production, Sales and Export Overview FY 2015-16

Indian Automobile Production, sales and Export Analysis FY 2015-16Every segment showed grwoth in current Fiscal year.

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Indian Car, SUV and Van Report Feb 2016 Indian Passenger vehcile production, Sales and Export Analysis, Market Share, Sales

Indian car, utility vehicle and van analysis Feb 2016

Indian car, utility vehicle and van analysis Feb 2016Car segment showed de growth of 4%, Utility & SUV segment registered noted growth of 21% and Van segment showed 135 growth.

Indian car SUV  utility vehicle and van analysis  Feb 2016

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