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Indian Automobile sales witnessed growth of 5.3% in February 2014 with 1,793,803 units sold as opposed to February 2013 sales figures of 1,703,068 units.

The overall Automobile Production stood at 1,811,276 units in February 2014, marking 4.4% increase as compared against 1,734,851 units produced in February 2013. The domestic sales for February 2014 grew by 5% as 1,523,693 units were sold against 1,451,263 units sold during the same month of previous year. Export for February 2014 were 270,110 units which registered 7% growth against 251,805 units exported during the same month of previous year.

Domestic Sales grew by 5%.

Two Wheeler Domestic Sales recorded positive growth of 10% in February 2014 with 1,220,012 units sold against 1,112,269 units sold during February 2013.
Passenger Vehicle sales fall by 4% in February 2014 with 217,749 units sold against 226,483 units sold during February 2013.
Commercial Vehicles came down by 30% for February 2014 at 47,982 units sold against 68,388 units sold during February 2013.
Domestic Three Wheelers sales declined by 14% in February 2014 at 37,950 units against 44,123 units for February 2013.

Exports Growth of 7%

Two wheeler exports had increased by 7% in February 2014 at 180,946 units against 169,554 units in February 2013.
Passenger vehicle exports for February 2014 stood stable at 48,364 units against 48,353 units exported during February 2013.
Commercial Vehicle exports grow by 21%, with 7,720 units for February 2014 against 6,372 units in February 2013.
Exports of three wheelers marked 20% growth at 33,080 units in February 2014 against 27,526 units exported during February 2013.

Automobile Production grew by 4.4%

Like the previous months only Two Wheeler Production recording positive growth of 9%, while all other segments registered negative growths; Passenger Vehicles at 10%, and Commercial Vehicles at 11% registered significant drop.

Source – SIAM, ACG

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