Bajaj Auto Business Analysis Report

Publish Date : June 4, 2015

Bajaj Auto is a name that's widely known all over the country and is one of the key dictators of the bike as well as three wheeler passenger vehicle segment. There was once a time when Bajaj reigned the scooter segment. Their two wheeler segment was dictated by two very famous products in their portfolio, Bajaj Pulsar and Discover. In the commercial segment however, there was not much impact as it was not able to penetrate the range. Still, Piaggio dominates the segment owing to a multitude of reasons.

Bajaj Auto Business Analysis Report

In the year 2015, there was a dip seen in the Bajaji Auto two wheeler market share from 14% to 11%. Market share on the hand in the three wheeler segment rose from 30% to 44%. Presently, the company is experimenting by trying a permutation and combination of their old brands, Pulsar and Discover brands.

These are some of the permutations with good results:

1. After launching the 135cc Discover, competitors started promoting the same at the cost of a 125cc bike. Hence, financial stability is one of the main obstacles.

2. Pulsar launched the 125cc bike after the launch of the 150cc bike, and hence customers were not satisfied with the same. As the Pulsar was initially launched as 150cc, it was contradictory to downgrade to a lower version.

Hence, maintaining the brand position requires the introduction and establishment of the bike segment. Proper segmenting can also be done as definitions per product specifications and target buyers. Similar problems were faced by Porsche and Hero bond in Europe and India.

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