Fleet ownership pattern Data

Publish Date : December, 2019

ACG released the latest report on Fleet ownership pattern data in India. To better understand Fleet ownership pattern trend and forecast, we conducted a large scale survey in every state and Fleet hub in India. We survey included qualitative analysis behind the trend and forecast. Data is useful to create a blueprint of Business, Product, and After Sales Strategy.

The survey included in the following category:

  • Single Fleet Owner
  • Small Fleet Owner
  • Medium Fleet Owner
  • Large Fleet Owner
  • Very Large or corporate Fleet Owner

The % split for the above in MDT (7.5t-15t), HDT-Rigids & Tipper (16T, 25T, 31T, 37T and 37Tplus), HDT-Tractor Trailer (35t, 40t,49t) segments.

Separate Database is available for Buses also with Application

Sales and PARC  data for years: 2017, 2018, 2020, 2022 included.

There are separate fleet owner data that is also available with ~ 35,000 fleet owners.

  • Key person or decision-maker
  • Large Fleet owners Details with number of trucks
  • Company Age
  • Truck and Bus Application
  • Vehicle Type and Brand mix
  • LCV and HCV product data
  • Major cities are covered

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