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Publish Date : September, 2018

Brand valuation is the complex process. There are many parameters which need to be analyzed in a scientific way. This is the combination of Qualitative and Quantitative analysis.

Most probably ACG is the only Business Consulting firm which is having the strong grip on Automotive industry and brand valuation.

We provide a wide range of brand valuation services. ACG is the world’s leading independent business and Brand valuation consulting company. We have successfully helped multiple Industry on overall brand management and strategy. Our reports are specially customized to answer almost any question that might arise under third-party assessment. We make sure that the reporting structure gives proper detail information in the best way that no further scrutiny requires. Our Brand valuation methodology supports answers to expected questions and explains it in a proper manner.

There is no single approach or thumb rule for brand valuation, It all depends on the number of factors like type of Industry, Product, Services, Geography, Technology, Finance, Patent, tax, and accounting etc. We use a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach to draw the final conclusion. We consider an accounting is just one part of the brand valuation process. Every process is being well defined and most relevant parameters are considered for calculating brand value.

Our brand valuation services include:

  • Brand valuation for investment
  • Brand valuation for loan
  • Brand valuation for disputes
  • Brand valuation for sale or exit strategy
  • Brand valuation for Branding/  rebranding strategy
  • Brand valuation for due diligence
  • Brand valuation for ROI
  • Brand valuation for Merger, JV, or Alliances
  • Brand valuation for insolvency
  • Brand valuation for tax issues
  • Brand valuation for brand management
  • Brand valuation for financing

There are a number of different brand valuation methods. There are a couple of pros and cons of available methods of valuing brands. We map the most appropriate brand valuation method based on our experience and market dynamics to ensure the most appropriate of brand valuation methods is used.

Our other services include:

  • ACG brand Accelerator
  • Getting Customer pulse
  • Analysis and Research
  • Brand Intelligence Analysis
  • Business Case/Expected ROI
  • Go-To-Market Strategy
  • Brand Management
  • Budget for branding
  • Brand Engagement
  • Consumer impact of Packaging
  • Brand Extention
  • Engagement on Social Media

Our one of the key expertise is Analyzing the brand investment:

One of the leading Vehicle manufacturers invested a heavy amount on branding. After 1-year company wanted to check if their brand investment was really paying off. We have developed Brand performance and Business Model to calculate the ROI. We have analyzed how this investment nurtures the brand value and overall profit for business on key parameters.

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