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Hyundai India, sold 35,511, Honda sold 16,153, Toyota sold 14,134 and GM India sold 4,157 units in November 2014. Hyundai, Honda, Toyota sales increased by 6%, 59%,11% and GM India sales de growth of 33% after festive season in India.

Indian Car Sales

Honda Cars India, sold 15,263 units in domestic market in November 2014 with a growth of 64%. The company sold 9,332 units in the November 2013. The export units stood at 890 units during November 2014. Total sales stood at 16,153 units in November 2014 with minor growth of 59%.

Honda City, Amaze, Brio sales

Honda city became main driver for Honda sales after re launching it. Amaze has lost its top sales model in recent months.

Honda cars India

Honda city contributed around 45% in total Honda sales. One time Amaze was contributing around 50% sales in Honda. CRV has registered incredible growth with 182% in November 2014 which is also positive sign for Indian Car Manufactures and Market.

Honda city, amaze, brio

Latest Update:

– Honda Cars India expands its dealer network with recently Inauguration of 200th dealership in India. It has a extensive plan to add 100 new dealers in coming 16 months.


Hyundai India:

Hyundai Sales India

Hyundai India, sold 35,511 units in Domestic market and exports of 18,500 units with cumulative sales of 54,011 units for the month of November 2014.

Hyundai car sales

Latest updates:
– Hyundai Motor India donated Rs. 2 crore to Prime Minister's National Relief Fund

Toyota Sales:

Toyota India

Toyota Cars, sold 12,175 vehicles in domestic market in November 2014 with a growth of 19%. In November 2013, Toyota sold 10,208  vehicles. The export come down by 23% during November 2014. Total vehicle sold 14,134 units in November 2014 with growth of 11%.

Toyota India Car sales

General Motors India Sales:

Chevrolet India recorded 33% de growth in sales after festive month in November  2014, with total sales of 4,157 units in the month of November 2014 against 6,214 units recorded in the month of November 2013. To increase sales in December month, company is promoting its products in many plateform like digital and Electronic media.

Beat, Cruz India

Chevrolet Sales

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Source: Autobei, Honda India, General Motors India, Toyota India, Hyundai India

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