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Automotive Industry India

Indian Automobile Industry shown around 7% growth in December 2014 compare to December 2013. It produced 1,850,616 units compare to 1,741,237 units same month of the last year. In production it registered 6.3% growth. In Indian market Total Automobile sales was 1,512,881 Units compare to 1,431,543 units of the same month of the last year. In export there is jump of around 17% in December 2014 compare to 3,461,305 units in the last year of the same month.

Automobile IndustryIn Year 2014, it registered double digit growth of 10% compare to December 2013. In Year 2014 also export performance was better then domestic sales and production. It Production it noted 10% and in Domestic sales it registered 9% growth.

Sales production and exportSeptember 2014 was the best month for Production and Domestic sales. It produced 2,227,140 units and Domestic sale was 1,904,007 units.

Automobile industry IndiaIn December 2014, Two wheeler noted 4% sales growth by selling 1,212,996 vehicles which is the biggest segment in India. In Passenger vehicle, it sold 209,025 vehicles and registered 12% sales growth, Commercial Vehicle Industry shown 9% sales growth and touched more than 50,000 units and Three Wheeler segment registered 13% sales growth in December 2014 compare to December 2013. In Total Automobile Industry shown 6% growth.

Automobile Industry production 2014In December 2014, Two Wheeler Industry produced 1,478,053 units compare to 1,402,122 units. Passenger vehicle (Car, SUV,MUV,Van) shown 8% growth, Commercial Vehicle (Truck & Bus) shown 5% growth, Three wheeler segment shown by impressive growth of 19%. Passenger vehicle segment share increased from 13% to 13.3%. Total Automobile industry registered 6% growth compare to December 2013.

Export Indian Automobile Industry

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  1. Congrats to Indian CV industry!! Major player in Bangladesh is TML, ALL and VECV. Sales growth of CV in Bangladesh gave this indication back in June-14 that market will behave unusually good.

    Nazar e zilani
    Director,Marketing & Sales,
    Runner Motors Limited


  2. Its over here. Yes, growth in cars and commercial vehicles.. Magnificent sales growth in commercial specialy Ashok Leyland. Let’s see how all companies do in 2015.

    Sharad Kaushik
    Mahindra & Mahindra

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