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BharatBenz is one of the most successful case study in Global Automobile world. This case study gives in depth analysis on how to make entry strategy and implement it.In 2015, BharatBenz races ahead the pack in India. This is ACG fourth edition on BharatBenz Strategy Analysis Report. This study give useful inside for Indian, European, American, Vendors and other related automotive Industry. Company Brand Strategy and its impact on sales is also included in our report. DICV 's entry strategy into Indian market set one example how to be successful in new market. BharatBenz product range is almost perfect combination of Price, Branding, Product portfolio, Product position, Network strategy, Features, Specification and Technology. We have compared BharatBenz sales with Mahindra Truck & Bus and how trend change with the time. There is also description of Sales trend of BharatBenz Model wise 914 Rigid Haulage,1214 Rigid Haulage,1217 Tipper, 1617, 2523 Rigid Haulage and Tipper, 2528 Tipper, 3123 Rigid Haulage,3128 Tipper,4023 and 4928 Tractor sales trend from its market launch to September 2015. State wise network analysis is also included.

BharatBenz truck sales trend in 2015

India is price sensitive market and its market dynamics are also different from other triad and emerging markets. There should be in depth and proper home work require with correct product portfolio for India. Other truck manufactures like MAN, Mahindra, Hino, and Foton are still waiting for first big move into market. MAN could not penetrate budget truck segment even after first mover of created Budget segment in Indian CV market. We can take Mahindra Truck and Bus as a example to understand success factors.

Mahindra Truck and Bus enter into Truck segment in 2005 along with Navistar but later on it became 100% subsidiary of Mahindra Group. Company showed impressive growth in 2013 compare to 2012 but in 2015 once again it is struggling to keep its growth. When Company started its operation, it was having most attractive design and modern look. Now BharatBenz is having such dealer network in PAN India. Mahindra brand is well accepted by customers in SUV segment but its acceptance level is low in Medium and Heavy duty truck segment. Company need to penetrate this segment also by making proper strategy. Its product planning and strategy need to make new blue print to tab additional market share by acquiring new customers. 

BharatBenz Rigid haulage GVW 31T, 8X2 are best performer of its portfolio, 25T Tipper and 25T Rigid haulage are other two best model of sales.These three models are constructing more than 70% sales. Haryana is one of the biggest markets for long haul vehicle. During our state wise Truck market study , we found that in 2013, Kerala was the biggest market for company but currently Haryana is dominating state. Haryana, Karnataka and Gujarat are major markets for company.

Model wise Sales Analysis:

BharatBenz Model wise market share12T, 25TR, 31TR, 40TT and 49TT showed growth in their respective segment

BharatBenz Dealer network:

BharatBenz dealer network








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