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The Passenger vehicle segment is among the most popular of automobile segments in the minds of people. Not only does it provide transportation with ease, it also helps for delivery and procurement of items from far off places. Cars, undoubtedly grab a majority of this segment with their sales facing a 7% increase over the year from February 2014 to February 2015. SUV's capture a minute share with a 5% increase in sales from 43,509 units to 45,545 units over this same period of time. Vans have also seen a subtle increase in sales by about 3% but their share as compared to sales of cars remains a mere percentage. Overall, passenger vehicles have seen a 6% growth in their sales as compared to the previous fiscal year. 


Indian Car market overview 2015

As clearly visible, the market share is captivated by cars with a stunning 74.3% market share in February 2015, inches higher than the 73.8% market share in February 2014. SUV's and Vans hold a minor percentage of the market share and have maintained a flat segment share over the same year. 


Indian passenger vehicle analysis 2015

Now, coming to the particular section of cars, their production has definitely seen an improvement from 199,247 units in February 2014 to 219,029 units in February the following year. Their sales has also seen a similar hike in par with the production figures. Exports however have come down by a smidgen over this period.

On the other hand, though they have a lesser market share the MUV and SUV production has also seen an increase over the same time and a slight increase in sales from 43,509 units in February 2014 to 45,545 units in February 2015 is observed. Exports show very minute figures and subtle increase is also observed over this period.

Van sales have also gone up surprisingly, balanced by their increase in sales and a notable increase in their export figures. 


Indian passenger vehicle sales analysis

Maruti Suzuki, the clear pioneer of the passenger vehicle segment stands out with a sale of 107,892 units this February 2015 contrasted by it's notably lesser sales in February 2014 of 99,758 units. Hyundai are also climbing slowly up the ladder with a sale of 37,305 units this February, more than the 34,005 units sold the previous year. Mahindra, Honda and Tata have similar sales figures and have seen considerable increase in their sales numbers over the same period. Manufacturers at Volkswagen, GM, Nissan and Renault have characteristic small sales figures, but significant all the same. Skoda, Fiat, Force and Ashok Leyland have very slow, small sales figures that have seen either a very small or no change at all over the year. 


passenger vehicle market share in India in Feb 2015

The market is undoubtedly, geniusly dictated by the frontrunners at Maruti Suzuki who have managed a share of 46.7% this February 2015. Hyundai on the other hand have also seen an increase in market share by 1% to 16.1% this February. Mahindra, Honda, Tata, Toyota and Ford have seen similar shares in the market, noted by a very subtle increase in their market share over the year. On the other hand, manufacturers like Volkswagen, GM, Renault, Skoda and Ashok Leyland have seen little or no change at all in their share of the market. 


make wise car sales in India 2015

It is without doubt that Maruti Suzuki clearly bags the trophy for car sales this February 2015 with a stunning sale of 90,728 units. Their sales figures are miles away from the second place got by Hyundai with their sales of 37,163 units this February 2015. Honda, Tata and Toyota are close with their sales figures but have seen a flat performance over the past year. 


Indian car market share in feb 2015

The market share in cars in particular is characterized by an increase from 52.7% in February 2014 to 52.8% in February the next year. Very subtle increases were noted in the market share over the year, and those figures have stayed pretty much consistent. The market share in this segment is a direct inference from the sales curves, illuminating the second place as Hyundai with Honda, Tata, Toyota and Volkswagen following close behind.


Indian utility vehicle sales in feb 2015

Though Maruti Suzuki captures the essence of the car feeling, Mahindra is the clear winner of the MUV/SUV department with a sales of 17,805 units sold in the month of February, 2015. Toyota on the other hand recorded a sales of 6,680 units in February this year, compared to their 6,449 units sold in the previous year. Maruti also recorded a pleasant sales of 5,863 units this year. Manufacturers at Ford, Renault, Tata, Honda and Nissan have seen similar sales figures. 


Utility vehicle market share in feb 2015

The sales graph linearly corresponds to the market share curve with Mahindra the clear winner with a 39.1% share, decreased due to several reasons from its prestigious 43.2% share the previous year.  Toyota and Maruti Suzuki also have a similar significant share in the market. Ford captures 9.4% of the market share wth Renault, Tata, Honda and Nissan following similar trends in market share over the year from February 2014 to the same month of the following year. 


van sales in India 2015

Maruti Suzuki shines bright even in the van segment with a stunning sales figure of 11,301 units in January 2015, higher than the 9932 units sold the previous year. Tata Motors have seen a marginally lesser number in sales with a figure of 1878 units sold in February 2015 from it's 2184 units sold the previous year same month. Mahindra & Mahindra on the other hand have seen a doubling of sales over the same year. 

Passenger Vehicle Export:


Passenger vehicle export in feb 2015

Nissan manages as the top gun at the passenger vehicles export segment with more than 11,000 units exported in the month of February in 2015. Maruti Suzuki does not lag far behind with it's 10,659 units exported in February 2015. Hyundai however has seen a majestic drop in it's export figures from 12,500 units to 10,307 units over the same year. Ford, Volkswagen and Toyota also have come up over the past year in terms of it's exports figures. 


Honda car sales and export in India 2015

Honda sales have seen a growth of 15% in the domestic segment from 15,714 units in February 2014 to 18,021 units in February the following year. Exports have exploded the charts with a mere 252 units exported in February 2014 to more than a thousand units exported just a year later. Overall, a pleasant growth of 35% has been recorded at Honda. 


Model wise honda car sales

Of all the models created by Honda, The Amaze seems to have had the most impact with an inflation in sales by about 20%. On the other hand, the City has seen a 10% dip in sales. Brio has almost seen a constant trend in sales over the same year from February 2014 to February 2015. 

Maruti Suzuki:


Maruti Suzuki Sales and export overview

Shining a light on Maruti Suzuki's sales in particluar, we see a rise in both domestic sales and Export sales both over the month and over the past two years. This gives proof of the consistency of performance at Maruti and also shines light on its reliability and durability and likeability among a majority of customers. 


Maruti suzuki Feb sales 2014

The sales of passenger cars from February 2014 to the same month next year has shown a mild 7.1% increase to a stunning 90,728 units. Utilty vehicles have seen another 12% growth, with Vans recording a similar 14% growth in sales.


Maruti model wise sales inn feb 2015

It's signature models have recorded almost a sale of 40,000 units with it's Alto, WagonR, Swift, Ritz, the Dzire and Celerio. Dzire tour and Ciaz have also seen subtle increase in sales model wise. 


Maruti Suzuki cumulative sales in feb 2015

 On the whole, passenger cars have been the source of maximum sales for Maruti Suzuki with 887,798 units sold in the fiscal year Feb 2014-15. Utility vehicles have seen a sales of 61,980 units over the same fiscal year, considerably more than the sales of the previous fiscal year. Vans have also seen pleasant hikes in sales.

Tata Motors Pv sales:


Tata passenger vehicle sales

At Tata motors, the sales of cars has shooted up by 31% in February 2015 as compared to the same month next year. This can be attributed to the launching of Tata bolt and The Tata Zest. SUV's on the other hand have recorded a 15% dip in sales. Overall, passenger vehicles have seen a 22% increase in sales. 

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