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Renault India’s half year sales for calendar year 2013 had risen up to 38,490 units with Duster alone contributing 79% of total sales with 30488 units sold during January to June period of 2012. Renault India Private Ltd had sold 6007 vehicles in the month of June 2013 against 787 units sold in the same month of previous year. Duster’s figure for the month stay at 4,523 units.

Renault currently has five models in the Indian market and around 100 dealership network. But their survival is completely dependent on Duster at the moment and now they have to face a strong challenge from the newly launched EcoSport. Renault India Private Limited had sold 54219 units of Duster so far.

The last three months trend show that Dusters sales has declined. Pulse and Scala has gained some points during the period along with Fluence. And at the moment tides are against Koleos who are in danger of extinction.

Source – ACG, Company

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  1. I think the duster will get better after ford ecoSport launch. I have test driven the vehicle and think its a vehicle for first time buyers and not for people who shift from hatch / sedan due to space constraints at front, back and boot. Couple of my friends have waited for ecosport and then booked Duster last week.

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