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Indian Automobile Industry witnessed 1.61% sales growth for the month of November 2013 as a total of 1,779,814 units were sold including domestic sales and exports as against 1,751,551 units during the November 2012.

The Production stood at 1,773,678 units in November 2013 which is a 7.84% increase as compared against 1,644,723 units produced in November 2012.

Domestic Sales

The Indian automobile industry witnessed 0.90% increase in Domestic Sales for the month of November 2013 with 1,526,438 units sold as compared against 1,512,869 units sold during the corresponding month of previous year.

  • Two Wheeler Domestic Sales grew by 5.55% in November 2013 with 1,240,732 units sold against 1,175,441 units sold during November 2012.
  • Passenger Vehicle sales decline by 10.18% in November 2013 with 201,520 units sold against 224,369 units sold during November 2012.
  • Commercial Vehicles recorded 28.78% sales decline for November 2013 with 43,730 units sold against 61,403 units sold during November 2012.
  • Three Wheelers sales got reduced by 21.68% in November 2013 with 40,456 units against 51,656 units for November 2012.


The total exports for November 2013 grew by 10% with a total of 258,201 vehicles exported against 234,747 units in November 2012.

  • Two wheeler exports had also increased at 16.71% with 177,695 units against 152,258 units in November 2012.
  • Passenger vehicle exports for November 2013 drop by 13.56% at 44,960 units against 52,014 units exported during November 2012.
  • Commercial Vehicle exports increased by 7.3%, with 6,160 units for November 2013 against 5,741 units in November 2012.
  • A total 24,561 three wheelers were exported during November2013 against 28,699 units exported during November 2012, registering 14.33% drop.


The month of November marked 13.53% increase in production of two wheelers against November 2012, while all other sectors witnessed reduction.

Source – SIAM, ACG

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