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Spare Parts Global Business Alliances

Car, Truck, Bus, Commercial Vehicle, Two Wheeler, Construction Equipment & Agricultural Equipment

Autobei Consulting Group has entered into Spare parts Business. We are dealing in bulk Auto Spare parts at every corner of the world. We are doing tie up with OEMs, Dealers, Workshop, Authorized Workshop, local workshop.

We provide following services:
  • Spare parts shipment
  • OEM Spare parts
  • Local parts
  • Price Negotiation
  • Timely availability of parts
  • Setup completely new component/ Tyres/Oil and other equipment in India,Europe, Africa, China, Middle East and Africa
  • Business Tie up with ACG or third party
  • We deal in complete Automotive Segment

Advantages to tie up with Autobei Consulting Group
  • Best Price
  • Timely service
  • Get parts from any corner of the world
  • Product life cycle and brand value analysis
  • We deal with European, Chinese, American, Indian, Genuine & Local parts