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ACG acts as the communication chain between the customers and industry of automotive culture. To be said in technical wise ACG provides technology method of solution to the modern culture of automotive industry.The aspect to involve technology with the industry of automotive is that ACG IT Consulting comes up with the best ideology of business methods that proves beneficial to the automotive industry. Living in the period of digital age a single individual looks for a hard data of confinement to make sure he is going for the right loop of purchase but to do so he seeks information through air or pocket of other neighbour and that’s when ACG comes to play its role. ACG acts as the bridge of knowledge between the people of digital era and the manufacture of automotive industry.

ACG plays its role by showing the dealers the requirement that a consumer is seeking in his desired product so that he could adapt to the new change of technology and implement to its industry so that he could improve his sales and services, as well it shows the consumer the right option of availability to his need through the process of communication media. To put it in simple manner ACG connects the technology to establish a connection between the digital eras to the industry of automotive culture.

ACG research and development (R&D) unit helps the automotive industry to come up with new technology of application in the areas of product engineering (PE), mechanical and electrical services, and embedded software methodologies and product life cycle engineering services. ACG also helps in the growth of automotive industry in terms of business and sales through acting functions among the areas of supply chain and manufacturing, marketing, sales and distribution, e-contracting and automotive retail integration. Apart from all the above good sales comes with good relations so ACG establishes warranty management communication to improve the sales in industry.

Where the automobile industry is always busy with its new inventions and methodologies to comfort there customer’s or attract them at different levels at the same time ACG provides the automotive industry by taking care of the business areas that include human resources, back-office operations and product operations that are considered to be essential at the level of global service organisation.