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With increase in competition of technology there is always a challenge in finding skilled people. A company can attain its name not buy employing a mass number of people but buy employing skilful persons. Recruiters always face a challenge when it comes to an issue of employing or finding people who are skilful.

There are more than a 1000 companies and 75 areas of expertise in industry and finding people who have skill among 4 to 5 different areas is a challenge. There was never any debt of skilful persons in industry but the challenge lies in finding the right person for the right job with talent running around the recruiters.

Once a right person is employed to the job then the Human Resource Department faces the challenge of retention issue. It’s because companies will be in constant hunt for skilled persons and when they have information on a particular individual then they try to offer him anything in their possession to bring him/her into their environment and the recruiters will be under moderate observation to let them not go.