Fleet Management

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The ACG FM has optimised its fleet management system to mobile level which helps everyone to access the software at finger tips. The GPS system in ACG FM software helps in better navigation of maps, routes and jobs at an extensive level. This kind of tracking system is portable to carry and is also cost-effective in monitoring the staff, vans, trucks, construction equipment at individual’s finger tips.


• Help stay in communication with the staff using two way messaging mechanism.

• Tracking in cargo process or travel record with navigation notification through sms or email messaging.

• Ensure time of delivery with customer area record tracking.

• Monitor for any harsh driving behaviour or loss to any of the stock in travel or dismissal methods.

• Maintain record management of services provided.

Using ACG FM software system any type of fleet management can be monitored and at the same time new assignments can be given to the drivers while they are on a move.

The delivery mechanism is made simple by ACG FM ensuring the conformation through invoice.