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Automotive Introduction

The world of automotives is one of the most compelling industries across the globe that leaves and impact on the economy of nearly all countries. The global automotive market has been on the receiving end of the most vigorous growth along with challenges in the recent decade which was mainly driven by the North American, BRICs, and Asian markets. The market in Europe has been relatively stable, mature and is predicted to maintain exact levels.

Global Automobile Sales Overview

The rising trends are closely followed by humungous pressure on costs and greater risks for the automotive industry, linked with other sizeable challenges in the following areas-

  • Technology
  • Cost
  • Competition
  • Customer expectations
  • Alternative transportation system
  • After sales

Following are the major affairs that require attention-

  • Higher complexity from the growing amount of variations and newer niche segments
  • The necessity for considerable investment in parallel drive technologies
  • The need for optimizing new model development as well as establishing new production sites in regions of growth
  • The appearance of new players
  • Expectations of customers in purchasing process and their changing mobility requirements

In such situations, organizations are considering important questions regarding participation in compelling growth dynamics with uplifting results. Increasingly, success will be defined by the ability to combine a quick and resilient vehicle development process, the exact customer insights, with highly efficient manufacturing and sourcing in a global context.

All segments have unique set of challenges and factors of growth. We attempt to study every factor and assist the stake holders in being profitable and leave the competitors a step behind.

We have long standing experience in development and execution of optimization programs, growth strategies, and intense company mergers and turnarounds all through the automotive industry. Our competence covers all segments of the industry and each link in the value chain.

We collaborate with our clients to handle issues and search for solutions that result in viable gains with a co-operative consulting approach. Empowering the organization of the client is the key characteristic of our service. We hold long-term solutions along with our clients, and developing individuals in high esteem encouraging them to carry on with development while independently addressing related issues.

We collaborate with OEMs, dealers, suppliers, automobile manufacturers, automotive engineering companies, and various other authorities. We are capable of offering our clients all encompassing solutions for the worldwide automotive industry through our international chain of offices.

The entire spectrum of topics right from strategic issues to functional optimization along the whole value chain is covered by us, picking on each area that is currently significant to the companies-

• R&D and product portfolio
• Production and procurement
• Strategy and portfolio
• Business model optimization
• IT infrastructure optimization
• Organization redesign
• Restructuring
• Sales and after-sales

Our procedure greatly improves the results for our clients over the length of a time. It also enables them to execute the solutions we develop and put them to best use.