How to develop and launch New Electric Vehicle

Publish Date : November, 2020

Product Management is one of the key expertise areas of ACG. Our Product Innovation and Strategy center assist many OEMs to create the blueprint of how to develop and launch a new Electric Vehicle. The electric car, Electric Two-Wheeler, Electric Three-Wheeler, and Electric Bus are included in our study.

Our solution saves millions of dollars and times for the firms.

Key Questions, we find the solution:

  • Identify the segment and its characteristics
  • Target user/Customers of your products?
  • What should be the Price Point of the new product range?
  • Collect Detailed of Specific Needs of these target customers/segments and how these needs will be satisfied with your products?
  • Which specific benefits should the new product have?
  • How will you market and sell the new product – Strategy report?
  • How to manage Budget & cost, to develop a profitable new product without cannibalizing others in your product mix?
  • How to expand the product line?
  • How does your company respond to similar competitive products?
  • How to make a new product (in pipeline) launch plan?
  • Mapping your products with customers group to create brand and marketing strategy.

We apply multiple methodologies to find the answers like:

  • Listen and understand the customer’s voice
  • All stakeholders are covered which do not even direct impact
  • Specific Decision-making criteria with GO or No-Go criteria
  • Develop Business case
  • Your organization competitive advantage to develop a plan

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