Indian Automotive Customer Analytics Report

Publish Date : December, 2020

Indian Automotive Customer Analytics Report covers the latest customer trends, expectations, challenges, Taste, Habits, Preference, Perception, and other key parameters.

Key Points Covered in the Report:

  • Customer sentiments in 2021
  • What is the Costly, Value for money, and economical vehicle for customers?
  • Top recommended models and services
  • Customer sentiments for “Make in India” brands and, Chinese brands
  • Customers Pain points
  • Expected Price range to buy a vehicle in 2021
  • What are services and other offerings expecting by customers?
  • What are the Top key factors which influence customer decision?
  • How Digital platform changed the customer mindset and help to make the decision
  • Monthly average Kilometer run by the vehicle
  • How the vehicle buying process affected by COVID 19
  • Key uses and reason to buy the vehicle in 2021
  • Customer mood for buying Electric vehicle
  • Awareness about Electric vehicle
  • Customer spending power
  • Customer loyalty relevance Analysis
  • Role of Fiannacing vehicle to make the purchase decision
  • Specific Product rating matrix survey

The report divided into the following segments:

  • Geography – South, North, Center, West, and East India
  • Metro, Tier I, Tier II and, Rural India
  • Passenger Vehicle – Car, SUV, Luxury, Premium, Budget, and Small Car/SUV.
  • Commercial vehicle:
  • Truck – Tipper, Rigid Haulage, Mining vehicle, Tractor Trailer, and Special Application
  • Bus – School, Tourist, Staff, Intercity, Intracity, Ambulance, STU, and others
  • Two Wheeler
  • Three Wheeler
  • Agricultural Machinery
  • Construction Equipment
  • Mining Equipment

Advantages of Customer Analytics:

  • Sales and Production planning for next year
  • New Product Launches Strategy along with price and product position
  • Design an effective campaign with low costs
  • Help to find a target group of customers for your products and services
  • Find out “Customer value”
  • Create better products & services for your customers

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