Global Automotive Market Report 2021

Publish Date : December, 2020

Our latest report gives a complete detailed insight into the Global Automotive market. The report is useful for all stakeholders of the Global Automotive Industry.

Key highlights of the Report:

  • Global Automotive Market overview
  • Global Electric Vehicle market overview and outlook
  • Production capacity and expected utilization in the next 2 years
  • Short, medium, and Long term outlook
  • COVID 19 impact on Global Passenger vehicle, Truck, Bus, Commercial Vehicle, Two Wheeler, Construction Equipment, and Mining Equipments
  • Sales and Production Trend and Forecast
  • OEM wise performance in each segment, Continental (Europe, Asia, China, Africa, NAFTA, Latin America,) and country
  • Global Top Automotive markets
  • Globally Top OEMs and their ranking
  • The global macroeconomy in 2020 and outlook
  • Customer sentiments analysis
  • Vehicle Pricing Analysis – Country wise
  • Segment and OEMs wise Product Strategy, Position, and Portfolio
  • New Product launches a plan and impacts analysis
  • Segment Growth Analysis and OEMs market share
  • Model wise Analysis – Sales, Pricing, Technical specs, and Features
  • Future strategy and competitors Analysis
  • AfterSales Support Strategical Analysis
  • Key market drivers in 2021
  • Impact on the purchasing power of customers
  • What are the key customer expectations from OEM and aftermarket service providers?
  • Plan to buy a new vehicle in 2021 and beyond
  • How brand perception has changed after COVID 19 entry?
  • Impact on Large, medium, and small automotive suppliers of COVID 19
  • Top suppliers strategy to catch current momentum in Automobile Industry
  • After Sales support system – Country level

Following separate reports are available:

  • Global Passenger Vehicle Market Report 2021
  • Global Commercial Vehicle Market Report 2021
  • Global Truck  Market Report 2021
  • Global Bus Market Report 2021
  • Global Construction and Mining Equipment Market Report 2021

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