Corona’s impact on the Global Automotive Sector

Publish Date : March, 2020

ACG has decided to publish the impact of COVID 19 on the global automotive market every forthcoming month. As the mortality rate is steadily increasing, the COVID 19 has given the gravest impact on every sector. As there are a lot of factors like vaccine availability, spreading rate, lockdown period, the level of intensity will vary from time to time. Depending on the condition, we’ve decided to keep you posted with reports on how the automotive market is going to survive the COVID’s aftermath.

Due to the coronavirus, production units are all dead. Probably facing this challenge is new (and obviously difficult) to every part of the world, and indeed, every sector is affected by COVID 19. It is affecting our social life, employment rate, Individual Health, Real Estate, Automotive, transportation, financial markets, travel sector, disruption to supply chains contribute, and what not! It also impacts the society irrespective of the class and age one belong to.

This recession could be worse than the 2008 scenario, and it is going to be difficult for many firms to get through the aftermath of this deadly COVID 19. Relatively, the global GDP might decline by 5% in 2020. Though the current situation is hard to digest, ACG has devised a plan to support the MSME, dealers, and small or trivial suppliers by providing a special consulting package.

Key Highlights of the report:

  • COuntry wise and Consolidated forecast and
  • The segment includes – Passenger Vehicle, Commercial Vehicle, Truck, Bus, Two Wheeler, and Three Wheeler
  • Sales, Production, and Export forecast – Sub-segment and OEM wise Analysis
  • Impact on Suppliers, Dealers, ad agencies, OEMs, Financial Institutes, and others
  • Customer pulse check
  • Liquidity crisis
  • The strategy needs to design and implement to win this situation
  • Time to create a brand strategy from scratch
  • Customer engagement strategy
  • SWOT and Porter analysis
  • Discovered New markets and new product portfolio
  • What is going to happen with your business
  • How to diversify your business
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Vendor Strategy Analysis

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